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Custom Carved Wood Furniture

Aug 24

Lazy River Studio is a firm which specializes in custom woodworking and signs. This particular carving was designed for a customer who needed something that would be able to blend with his oak trees. Lazy River Studio is able to create almost any furniture piece, and is pleased to design custom sculptures.

Reed Bros.

The distinctive wood carvings of Reed Bros. interior furniture are unique to anything else you'll see in the market. The furniture is constructed from gorgeous woods and finished with one of 15 lacquer finishes for pine. Certain furniture pieces is passed down from generation to generation. Although the majority of the pieces they make are constructed from pine, they can also use other fine woods. You can choose among Cedar, Mahogany, Cherry, Alder, and more.

Osborne Wood Products

A large variety of decorative wooden onlays and appliques are available at Osborne Wood Products. These decorative accents can be utilized to complement the look of any piece of furniture. These accents are a great option to establish a style within your home. You can find everything you require from intricate decorations to geometric wooden blocks. These decorative pieces are a wonderful accessory to any room! No matter what you like, Osborne has something for you.

Lazy River Studio

Lazy River Studio is a Chicago-based custom wood furniture and artistry business is based in Chicago. Carver Michael Trivieri began his career as a logger and then discovered a love of wood and the environment. With more than twenty years of experience and a passion for exploring the beauty of his material. His latest project is a coffeetable with the glass inlay. There are more images of the design through the individual photos or by clicking the Slide Show.

Dimitrios Klitsas

With a wealth of knowledge in classic European design, Greek woodcarver Dimitrios Klitsas creates stunning, custom-carved wood furniture. He specializes in hand-crafted furniture that express the individual style and taste of his customers. The master carver was raised in a small village, later attending school in Ioannina. He completed his bachelor's degree at University of Michigan before going to Yale to pursue a master's degree in art.

Casapanca scorpion-shaped chair

The Casapanca scorpion-shaped chair has been built with exquisite workmanship and is an exceptional piece of furniture that will bring the character of any room. This piece of furniture is handcrafted with solid oak wood and is sculpted with buck carving and oak leaves. The chair has four round legs that are splayed, an open shelf underneath, and a black grizzly image in the seat.

Moghul palaces in India

You can make custom-carved wood furniture for Moghul-style palaces using a skilled carpenter's skills. These exquisite pieces are durable and typically come with intricate designs. They are an excellent option to add a personal accent to the interior of your house. These pieces are often extremely expensive, however they're worth it. They will last from twenty- to thirty years.

Art Deco

The classic designs of Art Deco custom carved wood furniture are a long-standing tradition that started in the 1920s. These pieces are typically made out of oak, maple, rosewood, or walnut and are adorned with exotic woods, such as sycamore and satinwood. This design became very popular across the US, Europe, Scandinavia, and elsewhere. Alongside the US designers from Britain often used exotic woods in their designs.

Mid-Century Modern

Custom-carved wood furniture crafted if like the look of mid-century modern furniture. Carvings are now a common feature of many contemporary furniture styles. Many manufacturers and designers use these pieces, including Aldo Tura as well as Daniel Clesse. These designs are available in many types of residential and commercial spaces. You can have them in any type of wood that you want.


If you are looking for furniture with distinctive design and rich history Look no further than Empire custom-carved wood furniture. The furniture pieces are decorated with intricate carvings, and intricate details. While most of their pieces are made from mahogany, they are also made out of different woods. You can, for instance, have a custom bedroom set that is an amalgamation of maple, oak or cherry. It is also possible to get a luxurious bed made from mahogany or another wood species if you have the funds. Apart from beds, you can discover other furniture pieces made from oak, cherry, or walnut, and other sizes and styles.

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