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Raeford Trash Dump

Aug 24

Raeford residents can take their trash to the Raeford trash dump to get rid of unwanted materials. You can also hire a waste management firm to take care of your garbage. To ensure that the garbage is properly removed, residents must adhere to certain rules. It is also necessary to follow the guidelines for disposal of dangerous materials. Learn more about these rules and costs. The rules that residents must adhere to when using the Raeford's garbage dump are listed below.

Hoke County Solid Waste Scurlock Convenience Site

If you need to get rid of your garbage then stop by the Hoke County Solid Waste Scurlock Conveinence Site in Raeford. The disposal facility is found at 1234 Rockfish Rd in Raeford, North Carolina 28376, USA. It is open from 7:30 am until the time of 5:00 pm. For an appointment, call (252) 233-25825 or stop in during normal hours.

If you are a resident of Hoke County, you have the option to select from three solid waste disposal sites. They are scattered throughout the county and are accessible and free. The disposal sites are run by the Hoke County Solid waste Department, and are open for public use. They're not always open. You must call them ahead of time to find out the hours they are open.

Raeford's trash dump

Raeford's garbage disposal facility is state of the art. Residents are able to bring their garbage to the landfill and have it picked up by a waste management firm. To properly dispose of their garbage, residents should adhere to specific guidelines. This includes ensuring that there is nothing harmful disposed of in the dump. It also helps avoid possible problems in the landfill. Before you dispose of your trash, make sure you read the rules.

Three factors determine the cost for junk removal in Raeford. These factors include type, size, and volume. Volume determines which price range to fall into. Certain items are subject to surcharges because of special recycling requirements. For instance, if are a homeowner with a lot of furniture in your house it is likely that you will have to pay more for the service. The quantity of your trash is a crucial factor when determining the price of removal.


The rules for the Raeford garbage dump are complex and must be followed with care. Raeford, North Carolina is home to less than 5,000 people. Recycling is offered weekly at the curb. program is provided within the town. The service is free to residents, but there are many other options. Here are some tips to keep in mind before using the County Landfill.


The expenses for the removal of junk in Raeford is affected by several variables. The factors that determine the cost include the size and quantity of trash, in addition to any applicable fees. Different materials come with different prices including mattresses, drywall, tires and fat-rich food waste. Contact the Raeford municipal offices for more details. There are numerous places to dispose of waste such as the local trash dump. Many services in Raeford allow you to lease a dumpster.

The House of Raeford hired hydrogeologist James K. Holley to provide testimony in the case. Holley admitted that sludge from the facility was present within the creek for 3 years. The DENR located the material at a location three miles away from the Town of Raeford in 2009. The House of Raeford hired a firm to move the material out of the creek and make it the Lagoon one. Holley's testimony proved that the House of Raeford had taken timely steps to clean up the creek and eliminate the sludge.


A garbage dump located in Raeford is known as the Hoke County Solid Waste Scurlock Convenience location. 700 C.c. The trash dump is located at 700 C.c. There have been complaints from customers with this location. Residents must have an official solid waste permit for access to this facility. These stickers can be purchased from the PRATT Building in Raeford or at 227 North Main Street Raeford. The convenience store is not available to business owners.

Residents are able to take their garbage to the City of Raeford every week. There is also an recycling program. However, residents have complained about the quality of garbage disposal in the city. The facility for rendering was shut for a short period of time and reports were made of 20 to 30 feet of dead birds as well as around 600 chickens. Even though Raeford is compliant with all state laws however, there are some issues. Residents are encouraged to use the County Landfill for disposal.

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