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Metal Roofs: How Long Will They Last?

Dec 26

Are you looking for a durable roof that will last for a long time? Metal roofing are a great choice, including being fire resistant and effective. But, they can be used for only a limited period of time. In this article, we'll discuss how long a metal roof will last, based on the type of metal employed and the climate in which it is installed.

What is the Purpose of a Metal Roof?

Based on the type of metal employed, the climate and the way it was cared for it can last 20 to 50 years. A well-maintained roof will typically last longer than a one that is not maintained properly.

Metal roofs are an excellent option for a home or business since they offer numerous advantages.

They're energy efficient: Metal roofing are one of the most energy efficient forms of roofing. They're more efficient than other types of roofs and have a lower impact on the environment.

-They're durable Metal roofs are robust and can stand up to a lot wear and tear. They are also resistant to the elements, such as rain, snow, wind and sun.

They are affordable: Metal roofing is relatively affordable compared to other kinds of. This is particularly true when you take into account the longevity that they can provide.

Different types of metal roofs

There are many kinds of metal roofing each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Metal roofs are strong and can last for years. But, there are particular aspects to take into consideration when choosing the type of metal roof that is the best for your home.

These are the top three kinds of metal roofs.

Gable Roofs Gable roofs are among the most common kind of metal roof. They have a slanted front, which slopes downwards to a point towards the back, forming an "A" shape. This design is perfect for houses with gabled or hipped rooflines. Gable roofs last around 30 years before they need to be replaced.

Hip Roofs: Hip roofs feature an extended front with a flare which extends outwards across all of the length of the roof. These roofs are great for homes with an off-set roofline or those who want greater coverage over their porch or sunroom. They last approximately 50 years before they need to be replaced.

Raised Panel Roofs Raised panel roofs are panels that are raised off the surface of the decking on the roof. This style is perfect for houses with steeply pitched rooflines or homeowners who want more insulation but don't want to add weight to their home. The roofs of raised panel last about 60 years before they have to be replaced.

The Life of an Metal Roof

There are a few significant factors that influence the life of a metal roof. The climate in which the roof is placed is one important factor. Variations in humidity and temperature could cause metal to expand and contract, which could lead to damage. It is also important to know what kind of metal is used for the roof. Roofs made of copper are more vulnerable to corrosion than steel roofs. Finally, how well the roof was put up is also a factor. Badly sealed seams and flashing that leaks water could cause metal to rust and decay.

How Can I Shorten the Life of My Metal Roof?

There are a few ways to reduce the life of your metal roof.

First, inspect your roof for indications of damage. If there are any problems take care to fix them as soon as you can.

Next, be sure to keep your roof clean. This will help prevent the oxidation and corrosion from taking place.

Make sure to maintain your roof's metal in good order by looking for leaks and fixing them as needed.


Many homeowners prefer metal roofs because of their strength and performance. However, metal roofs can only last for a specific period of time before they have to be replaced. It is crucial to know the length of time that a roof made of metal will last and what elements can affect its durability.

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