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Hillock Green: The New Residential Crown of Lentor Central

Nov 2


Introduction to Hillock Green: The Future of Urban Living

The landscape of Lentor Central is set for a transformative uplift with the introduction of Hillock Green, a luxurious condominium envisaged by United Engineers Limited, a Yanlord Land Group subsidiary. UED Alpha Pte. Ltd., together with its partners, has orchestrated a masterstroke in real estate acquisition, securing the Lentor Central site for the development of Hillock Green, a future landmark of Singapore’s residential scene.

## Hillock Green: A Yanlord Land Group Vision United Engineers Limited, with its robust heritage, has propelled its vision into the future with the strategic procurement of a residential site, earmarked for the creation of Hillock Green. This new venture, disclosed in a stock exchange filing, highlights the dynamism and foresight of the Yanlord Land Group and its commitment to expanding its footprint in Singapore’s property market.

### The Acquisition Saga: Crafting Hillock Green UED Alpha, in partnership with Forsea Residence Pte. Ltd., emerged victorious in a highly competitive auction, tabling a stellar bid for the Lentor Central site. The envisioned Hillock Green will sprawl across approximately 144,714 square feet, translating into a formidable development comprising 470 units, all nestled within the burgeoning Lentor Hills estate.

### Hillock Green’s Financial Footprint: The Investment Perspective The acquisition, at a staggering S$481 million, equates to a price of S$1,108 per square foot per plot ratio (psf ppr), setting a new benchmark in the real estate market. This financial leap underscores the potential of Hillock Green as a coveted address and a prudent investment in the growing Singapore market.

## Crafting Hillock Green: A Masterful Blend of Luxury and Location UEL’s Managing Director, Roy Tan, has eloquently painted the blueprint for Hillock Green – a development synergizing luxury with the innate beauty of its environment, proximity to essential amenities, and the seamless integration with the surrounding urban tapestry.

### Hillock Green’s Design Philosophy: An Oasis in Urbanity In envisioning Hillock Green, UEL is not merely constructing a building but curating an experience. The design philosophy orbits around harmonizing the structure with the lush greenery, local MRT connectivity, and retail landscapes, aspiring to create a sanctuary for residents amidst the urban hustle.

## Hillock Green's Unmatched Convenience and Amenities ### The Heart of Hillock Green: Ang Mo Kio’s Urban Charm At Hillock Green’s doorstep lies Ang Mo Kio Town, a vibrant concoction of residential warmth and commercial vibrancy. This neighborhood embodies Singapore’s urban planning success, offering a rich tapestry of amenities that make Hillock Green more than just a residence.

### Retail Therapy at Hillock Green: A Shopper’s Haven From fashion to electronics, Hillock Green residents will find their every need catered to at nearby retail centers like Ang Mo Kio Hub. This convenience is a testament to the strategic location of Hillock Green, ensuring that everything one needs is but a stone’s throw away.

## Hillock Green Condo: A Sanctuary Amidst Greenery ### Embracing Nature at Hillock Green: Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and Beyond Hillock Green’s proximity to one of Singapore's largest parks, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, offers a green escape for families and fitness enthusiasts alike. This green expanse is an integral part of Hillock Green’s lifestyle proposition, promising residents a serene retreat within the city limits.

### Hillock Green’s Healthcare Advantage: Accessible Medical Facilities Residents of Hillock Green will be reassured by the immediate accessibility to top-notch medical facilities, ensuring a well-covered aspect of urban living. With healthcare institutions such as Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic and Thye Hua Kwan Hospital nearby, well-being is always within reach.

## Seamless Connectivity from Hillock Green Condo ### The MRT Advantage: Lentor’s Transport Lifeline Hillock Green’s allure is significantly enhanced by its integration with Singapore’s MRT network, especially with the Lentor MRT station serving as a pivotal link to the entire city. Future developments like the Cross Island Line will further streamline connectivity, cementing Hillock Green’s status as a nexus of accessibility.

### Road Networks and Hillock Green: Effortless Accessibility For those who prefer the autonomy of driving, Hillock Green’s strategic positioning relative to key expressways such as the SLE and CTE ensures rapid transit to any point in Singapore, making commutes a breeze for residents.

## Conclusion: Hillock Green, Where Dreams Reside With its launch, Hillock Green is poised to redefine luxury living in Lentor Central. It promises a lifestyle that balances urban sophistication with nature’s tranquility, a rare combination in today’s fast-paced world. Hillock Green stands not just as a residential development but as a beacon of Singapore’s vibrant future.

For those looking to invest in a home that stands testament to Singapore’s growing luxury residential segment, Hillock Green at Lentor Central presents an unparalleled opportunity. The future of urban living is not just about space; it's about creating communities that celebrate living. Welcome to Hillock Green, where every day is an exploration of the finest life has to offer.