At Frito-Lay, Some Chips Have Been Down

The humble potato chip requires a fairly simple recipe – potatoes, oil, and salt. The flavored potato chips? Less humble and sometimes more complicated. Last month, the FDA issued a warning letter to Frito-Lay, maker of Lays, Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, Tostitos and Sun Chips, after inspecting a California manufacturing facility.

The FDA’s action followed several voluntary recalls from Frito-Lay.

A series of errors triggered the inspection of the system. A milk allergen was found in the seasoning mix of the grill chips. Original flavor chips and cheddar and sour cream frills were packaged together.

A facility inspection resulted in a recall because the FDA warned that the chips were “manufactured, packaged or stored in unsanitary conditions, potentially making them harmful”.

In a statement to Medical Daily, Frito-Lay stated, “We are aware of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning letter regarding the recent recalls of Frito-Lay products. The quality of the food and strict compliance with the guidelines on food safety are our top priorities in all production facilities. “The company is working to resolve any outstanding issues. “We look forward to resolving this matter quickly,” said the letter.

The FDA warning letter stated that Frito-Lay did not adequately attempt to prevent mislabeling or contamination from one flavor to the next. Since some flavors contain allergens such as dairy products, this can be particularly dangerous.

It appears that no other Frito-Lay products were affected. Fortunately, many chip flavors do not contain dairy or whey and should be safe for everyone to eat. Frito-Lay issued a recall for the barbecue chips.

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