Biden, Trump campaigns enter closing dash: US elections reside information | US & Canada

With just two full days of campaigning, the number of candidates doubled in key battlefield states.

  • Democratic candidate Joe Biden will spend the remainder of the presidential race in Pennsylvania, a battlefield state that has become increasingly important to both candidates.
  • Donald Trump will hold five rallies in five states on Sunday. At the last minute, breakneck appeals are calling to energize voters – a strategy that helped him win in 2016.
  • The Republican president has praised a caravan of supporters harassing a Biden campaign bus, leading to the cancellation of an event in Texas.
  • With just two days to go until election day, more than 92 million US citizens have cast their votes. This far exceeds the early votes in previous elections and accounts for 67 percent of all votes counted in 2016.

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15 minutes ago (15:22 GMT)

The top health expert Fauci warns the US in a dire situation of coronavirus and contradicts Trump’s claims that the US is “going around the corner” with the pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading infectious disease expert and a member of the White House’s coronavirus task force, said the US could “possibly not be in a worse position” when it comes to fighting the pandemic over the winter months.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Fauci warned: “We will be very hurt. It is not a good situation ”while calling for an“ abrupt change ”in public health practices and behaviors as the colder months approach and the likelihood of people gathering indoors increases.

The statements are in stark contrast to Trump’s final campaign arguments as he sought to portray the US as “around the corner” of the pandemic, while repeatedly suggesting that the threat is being exaggerated by Democrats, the media and even health professionals.

Trump has continued to hold personal rallies despite the pandemic, a stark contrast to Biden, who only held socially distant events. A recent Stanford University study found that 30,000 infections and 700 deaths are likely related to 18 Trump rallies.

Joe Biden called Black Youth SUPER PREDATORS. You will NEVER like him or vote for him. You vote for “TRUMP”.

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 1, 2020

30 minutes ago (15:08 GMT)

Trump tweets support caravans harassing the Biden campaign bus

Trump tweeted support for a caravan of his supporters that molested a Biden campaign bus en route to an event in Austin, Texas.

Witnesses and those on the bus said the caravan of pickups, many of which carried Trump flags, tried to slow the bus down on the freeway, possibly forcing it off the road.

The Biden campaign later said that an event that Biden, his vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, or one of their spouses should not attend has been canceled due to security concerns. The FBI is investigating the incident, according to the Texas Tribune.

On Saturday night, Trump tweeted a video of the bus surrounded by the caravan. “I love Texas,” he wrote.

I love texas!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 1, 2020

33 minutes ago (15:05 GMT)

Ten rallies in two days for Trump

Trump will flash multiple battlefield states in the final two days of the race, holding a whopping 10 rallies that he hopes will capture the excitement that led him to victory in 2016.

Trump will hold rallies in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida on Sunday.

On Monday, Trump has events planned in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and two in Michigan. He’ll wrap up the two-day swing on Monday with a late-night rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he ended his campaign in 2016

In his unlikely victory four years ago, Trump took with him Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, three northern “rust belt” states that had gone to Democrats for decades. Currently, opinion polls show that Biden is a leader in all of these states, with Pennsylvania being considered the most competitive to Trump.

Meanwhile, polls continue to show the two candidates are neck to neck in Florida – a state seen as essential to a Trump victory.

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