Canada Approves Pfizer-BioNTech Coronavirus Vaccine

This is a momentous opportunity. I mean, the geek in me is amazed that we – nobody would have thought. I think even if we looked back on the initial discovery of the virus, less than a year later we would approve a vaccine and then distribute it. I think it’s just evidence of the decades of science, technology, and research that went into developing this vaccine. I think it is evidence of the work of regulators working together internationally. It is a will for our team that has put an incredible amount of time, energy and resources into it. And I think it’s an extraordinary day for Canada. When we do an authorization, it means we’ve looked at it and the benefits outweigh the potential risks. But it’s still a drug. It’s still a vaccine and there are potential risks, although rare. So it is important that we continue to monitor it. So I would tell the Canadians we authorized it. If it is your turn to get the vaccine, you should definitely be comfortable getting it. However, we need to continue to monitor it like any other product as the research is obviously done in clinical trials. They are carried out in smaller groups of people under ideal conditions. And we need to get information from the vaccine when it comes out and is used in higher numbers of people, not just in Canada but around the world.

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