‘Catastrophic influence’: UK bars, golf equipment problem lockdown plan | United Kingdom Information

UK Hospitality Group is taking legal action against government plans to close pubs and restaurants to curb the spread of the virus.

The UK hotel industry is challenging the government lockdown restrictions to halt their plans to close pubs and other venues to combat the surge in coronavirus cases.

The British trading organization Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) told Reuters news agency late Sunday that the industry had taken legal action to prevent the imposition of lockdown measures.

The judicial review previously reported by the Financial Times will argue that there is no evidence to suggest that eateries contributed to the spread of COVID-19.

“The industry has no choice but to legally challenge the government’s so-called ‘common sense’ narrative to implement further restrictions in the north of England,” said Michael Kill, CEO of NTIA, in an email.

“These new measures will have catastrophic effects on night sales and will be compounded by an inadequate financial support package,” the statement said.

The association says bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs account for about 8 percent of employment in the UK and are helping to revitalize the country’s run-down areas.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to put forward new measures on Monday to contain a growing coronavirus crisis and set three new alert levels to better coordinate the government’s response.

Northern England has been particularly hard hit by a recent surge in coronavirus cases, which has forced local lockdowns as students returned to schools and universities across the UK.

On Monday, Johnson will hold a meeting of the government’s COBRA Emergency Committee and then speak in front of parliament to offer policy makers a vote on the measures later in the week.

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