Cleveland Indians altering title to one thing that can ‘higher unify the neighborhood,’ says proprietor — RT Sport Information

Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan confirmed reports of a name change for the baseball team in a statement to fans that did not provide a schedule or specific insight into the upcoming rebranding.

“I understand the historical implications and the significance of this decision,” Dolan wrote before sharing some of his own memories of “past Indian teams”.

However, Dolan believes that “Cleveland is the most important part of our team name.”

The upcoming name change follows the team’s mascot, Chief Wahoo, who dropped out of team uniforms after the 2018 season because of similar concerns from critics that it was a racial stereotype. However, fans of the Cleveland Indians were often known for wearing Wahoo merchandise or even dressing up as mascots for games. Fans still celebrate the mascot at games. The team now wears a huge “C” in place of the character on their uniforms.

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According to Dolan, the decision to change the team’s name is the “result of a process that began in June,” which included discussions with interest groups, Native American groups and other activists.

Reports that the Indians were changing their names had already sparked a wave of ridicule and accusations of “breaking culture”, including from President Donald Trump.

Although Dolan says he is committed to the name change, he did not provide a timeframe for when it will happen or what the new name might be.

Dolan called the name change a “multi-phase” process that is “complex” and “takes time”. However, while the rebranding is in progress, the Cleveland Indians will play as … the Cleveland Indians.

Even so, Dolan promises that this new name “will lead us into the future and proudly represent this famous franchise”.

“Our organization is best when we can unite our community and bring people together,” he also wrote.

The Cleveland Indians have kept their name since 1915, and the franchise and name have been immortalized in popular culture through films such as Major League.

They were previously called the naps before choosing the Indians as their name. This name was published as a possible replacement, as was the Spiders, the name of a now defunct team from the city.

Other suggestions from fans on social media included “Wild Things” and “Cleveland Rocks,” references to Charlie Sheen’s Indian pitcher’s nickname on “League,” and the Cleveland-based sitcom “The Drew Carey Show”.

Reports of Cleveland’s baseball team changing their name have already sparked a horde of ridicule and protests on social media.

The Cleveland Indians, in order not to offend anyone with their team name, are now only called the Indians.

– Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) December 14, 2020

Cant wait to see the Cleveland Inoffensive Nouns offerings out of season.

– Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) December 14, 2020

The Cleveland Indians should change their name to Cleveland Redskins …

– Dr. Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) December 14, 2020

There’s still no word on whether Jobu, a rum-loving voodoo doll set to help the fictional Cleveland Indians in the ‘Major League’ that has been turned into reality and stepped into the team’s locker room at least in the 2016 season , is also classified as objectionable and banned like Cleveland’s name and Chief Wahoo.

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