Comeback child Tony Ferguson hits out at UFC for ‘dangling’ world title in entrance of him — RT Sport Information

As he tries to continue his easy gold path against Charles Oliveira this weekend, UFC star Tony Ferguson says he has no hope of a world title after being sacked repeatedly in the past.

Despite having had a 12-man, 8-year winning streak in the UFC lightweight class at one point, El Cucuy has never fought above the level of an intertitle – and before his hopes of a return to the Victory Column this weekend after a vicious defeat against Justin Gaethje in May, Ferguson says he no longer strives to claim a world title after being burned too many times in the past.

In one true MMA tragedy, fate repeatedly prevailed against the often best possible fight at 155 pounds – Ferguson versus Khabib Nurmagomedov, but now that the Russian champion retired (and the fate of the belt itself was uncertain), that was 36-year-old The old American seems to have changed mental gears.

And he has to be in top form against the Brazilian submission specialist Oliveira, who can now boast one of the longest series of wins in the division with eight wins in a row. A win for Ferguson would confirm he remains at the top of the light elite – but that doesn’t mean he expects a title fight to follow anytime soon.

“Man, this title is a wet dream,” Ferguson said at the UFC 256 Virtual Media Day.

“Like the Farmers Insurance commercial, ‘Oh, you’re almost there. Keep it up. We’re just going to keep dangling in front of you.

“I don’t know what the problem is. I don’t know if it’s because I’m Mexican. I’m American with Mexican parts. Twelve fight winning streak.

“Eight years in development before women’s sports even existed. Conor [McGregor] was on welfare. All these different things and I still haven’t earned a title shot. “

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Despite his apparent discomfort with the uncertainty at the top of the UFC lightweight division, Ferguson still found the time to claim that he would be a more effective champion than the man currently or temporarily holding the best: Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“I have an ‘Ultimate Fighter’ trophy, I have a Fighters Only trophy, I have a UFC belt. I have medals and I am ‘Lord of the Rings’ with all of my championship rings.

“How much greed can you want? You want to be like Chabib and hold onto it?”

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