Coronavirus Deaths Worldwide High 1 Million; U.S. Has Most Deaths – Deadline

The Johns Hopkins University coronavirus tracker – a widely used metric – said on Friday that a million people around the world have died from the virus. The exact number is 1,000,555, according to Johns Hopkins.

The United States is by far the country with the highest number of deaths from COVID-19. The country recently lost its 200,000th coronavirus patient. That said, it accounts for 20% of all deaths worldwide, even though it only contains 4% of the world’s population.

Brazil ranks second with 142,000 deaths and India third with 92,000 fatalities.

Last month, Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control, put the American fight against COVID into perspective and said, “This is the greatest public health crisis in a century.”

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Indeed, Redfield saw the coming flu season in Dickensian terms.

“It depends on how the American people react. It really is the worst or the best time, depending on the American public, ”he said, rewriting the opening of Charles Dickens’ classic A Tale of Two Cities.

Indeed, when the first flu cases appear,

Dr. Anthony Fauci said at CNN’s citizens’ conference last Tuesday, “We are in a weather season where people spend more time indoors. Depending on your own social situation, indoor spaces can mean poor ventilation and airflow for you or someone else, and difficulty removing anything that would cause it to spread.

“The fact is, we know that if we don’t do certain things, we could run into serious problems,” warned Fauci. “And I hope that this understanding does not frighten people, but rather makes them realize that it is in our hands to prevent this.”

According to NBC, in a conversation with a colleague on Friday, Redfield suggested that Donald Trump’s newest advisor, Dr. Scott Atlas, provided Trump with misleading data on a number of topics including the effectiveness of masks, whether young people are susceptible to the virus, and the potential benefits of herd immunity. Atlas is a radiologist, not an infectious disease expert.

“Everything he says is wrong,” Redfield said during a phone call made public on a commercial airline and overheard by NBC News.

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