Cowboys vs. Ravens: Baltimore runs by means of Dallas in simple win

The Baltimore Ravens’ game against the Dallas Cowboys in Baltimore began as scheduled Tuesday night after Raven’s broad receiver Dez Bryant tested positive for the coronavirus at the stadium before the game.

Bryant tested positive on a point-of-care test at M&T Bank Stadium and was removed from the team setting for ineligible to play and according to NFL protocols, according to a person familiar with the situation. His test, conducted Tuesday morning as part of the league’s daily testing program, was inconclusive, and repeating that test was inconclusive, according to this person, too.

The lab that examines the results is in Maryland, so the daily test results were returned quickly. The NFL continued the game and, according to the person close to the situation, “no other issues” immediately arose as Ravens players were banned from playing or quarantined for contact tracing.

Bryant confirmed his positive test on social media, saying he was pulled from pre-game warm-ups.

“Tell me why they are pulling me off the warm up so I can get tested … mine [stuff] Come back positive … I tested positive for Covid, “Bryant wrote on Twitter.

The Ravens announced that Bryant “was scratched from today’s game due to an illness”.

The NFL conducted a contact trace on Tuesday related to Bryant’s test results with interviews and tracking device data and found no one was classified as close contact at high risk, said one person close to the situation. The league followed its normal procedures for a positive test result and was ready to draw players or other staff if they were identified as close high-risk contacts, that person said.

Bryant was seen and photographed prior to the game interacting with others on the field. But the league’s medical officials have said the NFL makes its classifications of close, high-risk contacts based on proximity and length of interactions, whether masks were worn, and how much ventilation was involved. In this case, the pre-game activity took place outdoors and the NFL determined that none of Bryant’s interactions qualified by their criteria. As per NFL protocols, any players or other players classified as close contacts at high risk will be placed in mandatory quarantines for five days.

The Ravens are playing their second postponed game since the second major breakout on an NFL team this season, having involved the Tennessee Titans in late September and early October. The Ravens’ previous game, which was played in Pittsburgh last Wednesday, has been postponed three times after it was originally scheduled for Thanksgiving night. This game was originally scheduled for last Thursday evening.

Bryant had prepared to face the Cowboys, his former team.

“The crazy thing is [I] have the same damn routine … that [stuff] It doesn’t make any sense to me, ”Bryant wrote on Twitter.

He also wrote, “Yeah, I’ll go ahead and call it over for the rest of the season … I can’t handle that.”

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