Followers in hysterics as Premier League soccer aces neglect to take a knee and crash into one another (VIDEO) — RT Sport Information

Fans have ruled the pre-game knee injury “ridiculous” after Spur’s hot son Heung-Min and Crystal Palace striker Christian Benteke forgot to make the gesture and stormed each other at the start of a game.

Belgian strikers Benteke and Son, the Premier League’s second top scorer, got tangled when the referee whistled to signal the knee injury ahead of the Tottenham-Palace game at Selhurst Park on Sunday.

When Benteke believed the game had started, he flew forward to immediately approach a potential goal position and prompted Son to respond by trying to block his path.

The confused duo then noticed that the rest of the players had kneeled when the whistle sounded and tried to atone for their mistake by sinking onto the lawn himself.

Really ridiculous these BLMyballs. It’s enough 🤦🏻‍♂️

– Pépé Luc (@Cigalis) December 13, 2020

Unfortunately for Benteke, the 6-foot-2-inch target was in the opposing half by this point, prompting him to unceremoniously attempt to sneak back to his own territory according to the rules at kick-off.

When his embarrassment overwhelmed him and he realized that the time had passed when he could smoothly return over the center line, Benteke crouched lightly in the Spurs half in front of the equally confused son.

The fiasco did not go unnoticed before the first crowd allowed to enter the Palace stadium since the pandemic that halted elite football in England in March.

Hopefully they’ll both get a lengthy ban, disgusting

– Ian Watling (@ianwatling) December 13, 2020

If you scrape the barrel off, just move on with the game and stop kneeling. Kneel for what Seriously, that’s racism in itself.

– TonysSellers (@SellersTonys) December 13, 2020

Some viewers at home captured the moment seen live on television for posterity and laughed in disbelief as the act of symbolism, which has been at the center of increasing arguments over the past week, eased.

“Only highlights that have taken their course,” one follower said on Twitter, recalling that Liverpool striker Sadio Mane had previously focused more on football than kneeling. “Action is now required.”

Mane was the first high-profile Premier League star to mess up his lines when he faced the opposing half before kick-off at Everton’s Goodison Park in June and suffered predictable ridicule from fans about his troubles.

Highlights only, it has taken its course – action is required now! If I remember correctly, Mane did the same thing months ago.

– Alan (@ Alan45075546) December 13, 2020

Yes, people should also take the knee before starting work, whereby the knee is very important and not a sign of virtue at all 😀

– Wenger (@GuendouziFan), December 13, 2020

Manchester United’s Anthony Martial had a false start at the same stadium last month and moved forward when the whistle sounded before rushing back to his starting position.

In a response that could have falsified outrage among those who wanted to insist that the knee be taken, another observer replied, “Hopefully both of them will get a lengthy ban – disgusting.”

Neither Benteke nor Son pointed out the weird post-game mishap, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

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