‘Goodbye, Butterfly’, ‘Balloon Man’; ‘When Right this moment Ends’ – Deadline

Gravitas Ventures has acquired North American distribution rights to Goodbye, butterfly, the directorial and screenplay debut of Tyler Wayne. The neo-noir psychological thriller will be released on January 15, 2021 on cinema day.

Adam Donshik plays Ryan, a loving family man whose 5-year-old daughter is murdered. When the police investigation reaches a dead end, he has a chance encounter with a strange neighbor named Stan (Andy Lauer) and is convinced that he is the killer. After the police ignore his suspicions, Ryan’s obsession with Stan quickly turns violent. The question arises: how far would you go for justice? Marie Burke, Angela Sauer, Addison Ross, Jennifer Adams and Jeremy London also star.

Gravitas Ventures Acquires Tribeca Thriller ‘The Violent Heart’

“The thirst for retaliation is a fundamental human drive in the face of tragedy,” said Megan Huggins of Gravitas Ventures. “Filmmaker Tyler Wayne took this and created a tight, morally nuanced thriller that will keep you guessing to the end.”

The film, a joint production by Artman Cooper and FT3 Mediaworks, will be produced by Artisha Mann Cooper, Jonathan J. Cooper, Keema Mingo and Mindy D. Marin. The image was produced by Juniano Chen and Wayne as executive producers. Cooper and Huggins negotiated the deal.


Kandoo Films has acquired worldwide rights to When today ends, written and directed by Michael Leoni. Gavin Leatherwood (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Jacqi Venè, Derick Breezee, Logan Garretson and Angel Guadalupe star in the drama, which will be released on February 9 on digital platforms.

The focus of the plot is four teenagers who post their deepest, darkest secrets and stories online using the hashtag #WhenTodayEnds but have no idea how big an impact they are or how their stories overlap. Her life collapses under the pressures of bullying, depression and self-identity, slowly dissolving, revealing the tragic bond that holds them together. Kandoo’s Mark A. Burley and Howard Barish are executive producers of the picture, which was previewed at Filmocracy Fest earlier this month. (See the trailer below.)

“I hope that when people see when today ends, they get a new perspective, but above all put a face behind the statistics,” said Leoni. “I believe social media was created to connect us all, but it separated us and I hope this film brings us back together.”

Here is the trailer:


“Balloon man”
Gravitas Ventures

Gravitas Ventures has acquired Balloon man, Chantal Potter’s documentary in her screenwriting and directing debut. The film follows Potter’s father, ex-NFL player Bill Costen, who became the world’s first African-American hot air balloon master pilot. The film will hit VOD on February 2nd.

“I’ve flown with my father since I was born and it’s an honor to tell his incredible story,” said Potter. “When I set out to produce this film, I wanted to open a gateway not only into the experience of the art, skill, and business of ballooning, but also into the endeavors of a man who gave the word flight an entirely new one Gave meaning. I hope that by sharing my father’s story a generation will be inspired to live authentically and reach their full potential. “

Costen and Potter Executive produced the film with co-executive producer Joe Young. Brandon Potter, Michael Taylor and Capella Fahoome are producers. The deal was negotiated by Gravitas’ Brett Rogalsky and Brendan Gallagher with Potter on behalf of their Made For TV Productions.

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