Haas F1 group and drivers Mazepin and Schumacher going through media frenzy for very contrasting causes — RT Sport Information

Before the start of the next Formula 1 season, the Haas F1 team had to make very contradicting statements about the two men who will lead them in the next season, Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher.

The team’s PR department had a rough week. Before a supposed wave of positive publicity for the team that Michael Schumacher’s son Mick Schumacher drove in Formula 1 for the first time, the team instead had to turn around to address criticism of their other new driver, Russian Nikita Mazepin. after briefly posting a video on social media in which he groped a woman’s breast in the back seat of a car, apparently without her consent.

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Haas described Mazepin’s behavior in the video as “hideous” just a week after the 21-year-old was confirmed as part of the team ahead of the upcoming season.

Haas boss Günther Steiner has remained a bit tense about the punishment he expects from his driver, only saying that he wants to keep the matter private and that it will be handled internally.

“We take what happened seriously and we will take care of it,” he said.

“I just want to say trust us, we’ll take care of it.”

The sports association, the FIA, underlined Haas’ response and wrote in a statement: “The ethical principles and the diverse and inclusive culture of our sport are of the utmost importance to the FIA ​​and Formula One.”

However, if the Haas team has an unwanted headache from Mazepin’s actions, it’s the other way around for his other new hire.

Mick Schumacher will be the newest driver in F1 with the most famous last name the sport has ever seen. His father’s legacy is that of the sport’s most successful star, even if Lewis Hamilton is slowly but surely cutting off the German’s achievements.

And with a tone that is noticeably different from the one with which he spoke about Mazepin’s transgression, Steiner said cheerfully this time that the introduction of another Schumacher (after Michael and Ralf) was not only for their team, but also for the sport as a boost will be whole.

“I think it’s an exciting moment for Formula 1 as a whole, not just for us. We are honored to give him the first (official) outing,” announced Steiner.

“It’s fantastic to have a Schumacher back in Formula One.”

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Neither Mazepin nor Schumacher are likely to compete for honor at the height of the season, but in Schumacher’s case, some see his stay at Haas as a dress rehearsal to see if he might be able to fill his father’s seat at Ferrari.

In any case, Haas and his boss Steiner hope that the headlines of their new young team will focus on what they are doing in their cars – and in Mazepin’s case, not what is happening in his back seat.

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