Half one million kilos will assist grownup schooling in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire

“/>Organizations were able to apply for funds to promote adult education (admission before the introduction of COVID restrictions)

Local colleges and providers can apply for grants of up to £ 50,000 to test new and innovative ways to deliver training courses for adults over the age of 19. This is done as part of the split of the £ 11.9 million annual adult education budget to the combined authority of the Department of Education from 2019.

The Devolution Deal allows CPCA to pool unspent funds. Previously, these had declined in the national budget for adult education. Now, CPCA can reallocate the funds so local colleges and providers can test new and creative ideas to reach more citizens, especially those who are currently underrepresented in jobs.

One of the funded projects was City College Peterborough and the Inspire Education Group, who worked together to open a COVID-19 safe information, advice and signage skills store in Peterborough city center to assist residents and employers with retraining and training Training opportunities.

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The project aims to offer technical support to help people and companies to find their way around the numerous learning and training offers on offer and to point them out to suitable options for their needs. The following workshops to support digitality, employability and life skills are offered to people who are at risk of being laid off, who are long-term unemployed or employed and who want to continue their education or training.

Plans to open the shop have been put on hold, but the project will be launched online on both college websites and promoted through social media.

The Innovation Fund is aimed at unemployed citizens or those at risk of redundancy, adults in need of English skills, health care volunteers including those supporting the Covid-19 response, adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, and former offenders.

Other projects range from training entrepreneurs with business start-up ideas, to English and math support for adults, career guidance, to training in digital and construction skills.

The successful projects that have been funded are: Cambridge Regional College, City College Peterborough, Inspire Education Group (consisting of the newly merged Peterborough College and Stamford College), the College of West Anglia, the Skills Network and the West Suffolk College.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mayor James Palmer said: “I am delighted that we have been able to support a number of programs across the region, all of which demonstrate innovative approaches to the delivery of adult education.

“The projects we support will all deliver a range of learning, employment and social outcomes for residents, communities and employers in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

“The great thing about our innovation fund is that providers can make the investments they need to develop new and different methods that can be used in the longer term for the benefit of the local population.

“I’m very excited to see what our universities and providers can achieve with funding from the Innovation Fund. We will work closely with them to ensure that the funding has the greatest impact.”

Some of the other funded projects include:

Cambridge Regional College delivers two projects:

Successful start-up program to support employees in the initial phase of the conception of business ideas. Participants complete a two-week intensive course that will help them understand the engagement and challenges involved in starting a business, understand the key steps in creating and developing a start-up, and improving their digital skills.

Cambridge Regional College’s second program offers an innovative program of learning math and English online using Century Technology. The program identifies each student’s individual learning needs and develops a bespoke package to develop their skills.

The Inspire Education Group has additional funding to offer a new mixed intensive English and math course to adults in the area who need to upgrade their skills quickly to find employment.

The Skills Network offers a digital bootcamp that provides unemployed young people in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough with essential digital and functional skills. After completing their training, the young people are accepted into the apprenticeship. We will hire 30 unemployed learners who will provide a bespoke learning experience that not only prepares learners for future work but also provides a guaranteed path to progress.

The Skills Network has also been awarded funding for developing and updating some key learning modules to support digital skills and employability skills.

The College of West Anglia offers two bespoke courses for those living in a highly deprived area, one for adults in Fenland with little digital proficiency and one for those disadvantaged by English as a second language. This will improve digital literacy to navigate the current technological environment that we are in and allow them to take more courses and apply for new jobs that require new digital skills.

A second program from the College of West Anglia works with companies to provide employees with educational opportunities. West Suffolk College is proposing to set up a construction training site in Alconbury Weald, working with Urban and Civic, specifically focusing on retraining people displaced or long-term unemployed due to COVID-19. The hub will also offer existing workforce training opportunities so that they can cope with technological changes, the digitization of construction and the jobs of the future.

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