Halsey Acquires Restraining Order In opposition to Harassing Fan

Page 6 reported today that Halsey has received an injunction against an aggressive fan. The 26-year-old singer-songwriter says one of her fans molested her and her neighbor. Last week, the singer filed a lawsuit against the 27-year-old suspect in a Los Angeles Supreme Court.

She hired a private investigator to get more information about him, Page Six said on Friday. Halsey said she was afraid for her life because of his behavior towards her and her neighbor. The court documents also state that Halsey hired an investigator on October 2nd.

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The PI reportedly listened to a voicemail the same day the neighbor claimed that a young man was in her house looking for her. He tried to gain access to her home by claiming he had already lived there.

Court documents also alleged that the man had visited the property at least four to five times since September and that the LAPD had received several calls. The neighbor also says he showed up at her house with a guitar and asked to speak to Ms. Ashley Frangipane.

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After being told that Halsey did not live there, he smashed the guitar on the floor, leaving a notebook to give to Halsey when he left. The investigator says after looking at the suspect’s social media accounts, he discovered that he must have been released from a mental health department.

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In her restraining order, Halsey said the fan believed he and she were in love. Since then, Halsey Court has issued a restraining order that requires the man to be at least 200 meters away from her at all times, as well as wherever she appears.

Additionally, Halsey has asked the fan to pay all of their investigative and legal fees. However, the court has not yet decided this.

Halsey and the man in question will appear in court on November 16, once the injunction expires.


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