Head of Russian Olympic Committee Pozdnyakov on two-year ban — RT Sport Information

The head of the Russian Olympic Committee commented on the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) to maintain Russia’s international ban for two years and regretted that not all arguments were considered prior to the decision.

During the press conference on Thursday, Stanislav Pozdnyakov stressed that Russia was not completely satisfied with the verdict, but was glad that the ban was cut in half to two years instead of four.

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“We do not welcome the decision to partially meet and explain WADA’s request [the Russian Anti-Doping Agency] RUSADA does not conform to the WADA code. We are confident that there were no reasons for a partial or total suspension of RUSADA and any sanctions against RUSADA.

“So we think the court didn’t take our argument into account. I want to underline that WADA had insisted on imposing a four-year ban that CAS shortened to two years. The Paris Games in 2024 will therefore be played without restrictions for Russia, ”said Pozdnyakov.

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The renowned fencer also welcomed the court’s decision not to accept collective responsibility for doping offenses as proposed by WADA.

“One of the most important results of our intensive collaboration with our colleagues is the decision by CAS to repeal WADA’s proposal for collective punishment for doping violations. The court declined to implement additional requirements for the admission of athletes to the Olympic Games, “said the four-time Olympic champion, adding that the Russian Olympic Committee, not a specially appointed body, will form the national Olympic team, which will be named” Olympic team from Russia. “

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