Hollywood Ignores Lawyer Common, Reacts To Breonna Taylor Information – Deadline

Update for updates Hollywood is ignoring admonition from the Kentucky Attorney General to have prominent opinions about today’s grand jury indictment – or lack thereof – in the Louisville Police Department who shot the death of Breonna Taylor.

“30 pieces of silver are the price #JudasIscariot betrayed #Jesus for!” Tweeted DL Hughley. “#DanielCameron betrayed #BreonnaTaylor for 12 million!”

Hughley was just one member of the Hollywood and Beltway community responding to today’s charge of wantonly endangering one of three former officers in Taylor’s death. No charges were brought against the other two officers, and none of the three were charged with charges of Taylor’s death.

Breonna Taylor kills: Kentucky AG railes against “celebrities” and “mob justice” as grand jury cop indicted for “wanton endangerment” crime – Update

“There will be celebrities, influencers, and activists who have never lived in Kentucky before trying to tell us how to feel. They suggest understanding the facts of this case and knowing our community and the Commonwealth better than we, “said Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron today announced the grand jury decision. “But not her.”

Cameron’s comment had little effect.

“We were shown again today that a black woman’s life is definitely expendable,” tweeted Atlanta and the Queen of the South actor Chris Greene. (See his tweet and others below.)

“Property is worth more than a black woman,” tweeted W. Kamau Bell.

“The judicial system failed Breonna Taylor,” wrote actor Taran Killam. “It all failed.”

Here is a selection of responses from celebrities. The deadline is updated regularly.

“To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious means to be in a state of anger most of the time.” James Baldwin. #BreonnaTaylor pic.twitter.com/CUcRcEsXCE

– TOGETHER (@common) September 23, 2020

Today we were shown again that the life of a black woman is definitely expendable. #thisisamerica #BreonnaTaylor

– CHRIS GREENE (@ItsChrisGreene) September 23, 2020

30 pieces of silver are the price for which #JudasIscariot betrayed #Jesus! #DanielCameron betrayed #BreonnaTaylor for 12 million! #TeamDl

– DL Hughley (@RealDLHughley) September 23, 2020

I have no words. #BreonnaTaylor and her family deserve justice. https://t.co/1Vu1zwetVi

– Mandy Moore (@TheMandyMoore) September 23, 2020

“Wanton endangering” this country is a fucking joke. Breonna Taylor is innocent and murdered, but they spread the charges against the clowns on the wrist. A Class D Crime for Killing Yourself 🤢 Anyone can live their life after ruining a family forever. It’s disgusting https://t.co/S163EWJqBy

– John Fields (@DemonJT_) September 23, 2020

The judicial system has failed #BreonnaTaylor. It all failed.

– Taran Killam (@TaranKillam) September 23, 2020

Apparently nobody killed Breonna Taylor. She just died in “tragedy”. As if she had a bad fall or was hit by a bus. This is apparently the law in the state of Kentucky, according to @kyoag Cameron.

– Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) September 23, 2020

Hey @kyoag, we don’t have to live in Louisville to know how you dropped the ball on it. #BreonnaTaylor was a global citizen and that is why you will continue to see our protests against injustice around the world. ✊🏻

– Bryan Greenberg (@bryangreenberg) September 23, 2020

Brett Hankinson, one of Breonna Taylor’s killers, was charged NOT with murder but with willful endangerment. This crime is punishable by up to five years in prison. That’s one year for every bullet that is fired into her sleeping body. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. #JusticeForBreonna

– Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) September 23, 2020

“Black Lives Matter” exists because of days like today. Breonna Taylor should still be alive.

– Andrew Yang🧢🇺🇸 (@AndrewYang) September 23, 2020

Once again the law says property is more valuable than black life.

We cannot give up our fight for justice for Breonna Taylor and every black and brown person murdered by the police. We will fight to end qualified immunity. https://t.co/JeHOP3GEVG

– Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) September 23, 2020

Brett Hankison is charged with shooting Taylor in the apartment next to Breonna, and not because he killed her.

He was fired for shooting in BREONNA TAYLOR’s apartment, not for killing her.

That is systemic racism.

Property is worth more than a black woman. https://t.co/abVLkTqg1s pic.twitter.com/CwflSjR42h

– W. Kamau Bell (@wkamaubell) September 23, 2020

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