ISIS ‘Beatles’ Fighters Being Delivered to U.S. to Face Fees

The two men helped monitor detention facilities where hostages were held, coordinated ransom negotiations for their release, and perpetrated an ongoing pattern of physical and psychological violence against their prisoners. For example, on April 25, 2014, the men said the men forced prisoners from Europe to witness the murder of a Syrian man by Mr. Emwazi in a hostage-negotiation process.

“Emwazi executed the Syrian prisoner by shooting him in the back of the head and then several times in the upper body as he fell into a grave,” the indictment said. “Kotey directed the hostages to kneel by the grave and witness the execution while they held handcrafted signs asking for their release. Elsheikh videotaped the execution of the Syrian hostage. “

It added: “After the execution, Kotey, Elsheikh and Emwazi returned the European hostages to prison, with Elsheikh telling one hostage, ‘You are next. “

All four men had lived in West London. Mr Kotey, born in London, has a Ghanaian and Greek Cypriot background while Mr Elsheikh’s family fled Sudan in the 1990s. Both men were appointed foreign terrorists by the United States. The UK has revoked their British passports.

The Trump administration wanted to bring the two detainees to a civil court trial in the United States, according to the families of their victims. Her rendition, however, was delayed by the need for evidence in British hands, which the prosecution considered essential to prove her case.

A lawsuit in the UK filed by the mother of one of the defendants has limited that administration’s ability to pass on the evidence as then Attorney General Jeff Sessions refused to exclude the death penalty, as has usually been the case in such cases since the UK is abolished.

However, in August, Mr Barr attempted to resolve the impasse by reversing policy and telling Britain that the United States would not attempt to execute the two men. The UK courts swiftly allowed the government to pass the evidence – paving the way for it to be transferred to American soil for the case to begin.

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