JT Displays On Being Referred to as “Black & Crunchy” By A Cherished One: “I Had Insecurity Issues For A Minute”


Dark-skinned black women have long been the target of harsh comments about the color of their skin. Colorism is a very real issue in the black community, and JT spoke about a loved one of theirs who hid their prejudices in the form of a joke about their complexion.

In a couple of tweets, JT recalls a person in her life who joked about the color of her skin and insulted her beauty by calling her “black and crispy”. She goes open and says that the comments created uncertainty issues, but no more!

“I can’t believe someone I lay down with thinking they were my friend before something sat around me calling me black and crunchy,” she tweeted. “When he tells me this I think he’s kidding, but he really feels that way, wow!

JT goes on to say that she has overcome being unsure of what she looks like and is sure of her beauty and pretty dark skin.

“I had uncertainty problems for a minute, but I know I’m so stupid now! I know that I am pretty dark. “

Some of JT’s fans came to her defense, sent their words of encouragement, reminding her that the criticism she gets doesn’t matter as long as she loves herself.

“It’s so sad that women with brown and darker complexions are really criticized for their complexion. It’s sooo toxic, “tweeted a fan.” Notmalize all the browns that are BEAUTIFUL. Expose all colorists. It’s even more toxic when it’s someone you know. “

Personally, we think JT is beautiful and she’s KILLIN IT out here! What do you think roomies?

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