Kenya Moore Helps The Individuals In Nigeria – See Her Message

Kenya Moore is there for the Nigerian people and shows their support publicly on their social media account. Check out their message below.

“Thank you, Kenya,” and they wonder why, despite the hatred, she is my favorite housewife. Look deep, she has a cleaner heart and has done nothing to show off, ”said one follower.

Someone else posted this message: ‘My condolences to Nigeria. Please share the history of Cameroon; Genocide is going on there right now. With the same government in power for over 40 years. Please pray for Cameroon too.

One follower commented, “Devastating news, thank you for sharing” and someone else said, “Thank you for using your platform to share this message. God save you. 💕 ‘

Another commenter said this: ‘Aaah if I can’t come with you! I have to go alone, I love you sister, I can’t go my song to you alone! I love you kenya! 😂 ‘

Someone else said, “Thanks, I’m in London. I still can’t sleep. I’m shaken, can’t sleep 3:42 am still awake. I’m so sorry for my lost heroes, I’m so sorry, please. «

One supporter said: “@thekenyamoore thank you for your support … Nigeria needs the right now.”

Someone else posted, “Thank you for standing with us in these dark times. Injustice to a black person anywhere in the world is an injustice for everyone. Aluta continua ✊🏾✊🏾 ‘

One supporter said, “How can we stand with them and we cannot stand with our OWN black Americans? … When Nigerians come to America, they“ DO NOT ”stand with black Americans. I don’t want anyone harmed, especially not a black person, periodT! But what can we do? ‘

In other breaking news, Kenya Moore was just doing her Fan Day with a new announcement on her brand new hair products website.


Check out the post that is driving many fans crazy with excitement.

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