Krasnodar gamers change into presumed ‘racists’ for not taking a knee earlier than sport vs Chelsea — RT Sport Information

Russian side Krasnodar players have been predictably charged with racism online after some of them went down on their knees ahead of their 4-0 defeat by Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday.

Chelsea players all knocked their knees before the game in Russia while four Krasnodar players did the same, but some fans fought on the broadcasters for failing to draw attention to those who did not join their teammates .

“Hey BT Sport, why are you cutting yourself off from the Krasnodar players who don’t take the knee?” A fan raged. “Keep the camera on them and be ashamed of them #BLM.”

Another added: “Worrying that this was not mentioned in the air” while one even claimed it was “crazy how open racism is still in so many parts of the world”.

Impressive. When they saw the UEFA Champions League game between Chelsea and Krasnodar in Russia, they knelt down for the racism campaign and more than half of the Krasnodar side stood up. Just crazy how open racism is still in so many parts of the world.

– Mark Genthner (@MarkGenthner) October 28, 2020

France’s Marseille team received similar criticism after none of their players knelt ahead of England’s 3-0 win in Manchester City on Tuesday.

Kneeling in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement became common in the Premier League when football was resumed by white police officer Derek Chauvin in June as part of widespread protests against racial inequality and police brutality following the death of George Floyd Accused of murder – in May.

However, the custom of kneeling before the games was not adopted in France or Russia and the Marseille players instead stood together along the center circle. According to reports in France, the players wanted to pay a minute’s silence to Samuel Paty – a teacher who was beheaded in a terrorist attack in Paris last week.

According to UEFA, players can kneel or stand as they please.

Regarding Krasnodar, several Twitter users came in defense of the players who stood.

“Isn’t it your own right? Doesn’t that mean they are racist? “One asked, while another asked:” Why is this news? Are you trying to push that they are racist? “

“Absolutely ridiculous!” exclaimed a third. “So people don’t have a choice whether to support a cause or not?”

Ain’t it your own right Doesn’t that mean they are racist?

– Karl Connon (@ conkey03) October 29, 2020

Why is this new? Are you trying to push that they are racist?

– Daniel Moriarty (@mozzerjnr) October 29, 2020

Absolutely ridiculous! So people don’t have a choice whether to support a cause or not?

– Andy Mallon (@android_maltron) October 29, 2020

With both Krasnodar and Marseille, it may have been the incompatibility of their circumstances that led to the perception of racism.

They weren’t by far the only teams without a knee in the Champions League this week, where the decision seemed random.

Both teams went to their knees ahead of Manchester United’s 5-0 win over RB Leipzig.

Before Juventus’ 2-0 defeat by Barcelona or Borussia Dortmund’s 2-0 win over Zenit St. Petersburg, neither team was successful, despite Black Lives Matter’s lawyer Jadon Sancho starting for the Bundesliga.

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Last month, English championship club Queens Park Rangers’ football director Les Ferdinand stated that they had decided not to take a knee before the games, as this “has now watered down the effect” and the gesture “will not change the game – Actions will be. ”

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