Lady TASED & arrested after refusing to put on masks at college soccer sport (VIDEO) — RT USA Information

A woman who was attending an eighth grade football game in Logan, Ohio, was arrested by a police officer after she refused to wear a mask compliant with Covid-19 regulations.

Alecia Kitts was approached by Chris Smith, the school’s resource officer, while watching her in the stands without a mask. He told her she had to put one on to stay. Although she said she had asthma and could not wear a mask, the officer again asked her to put one on.

In footage of the following argument, the officer tries to hold Kitts down and remove him from the stands, but she refuses and is finally driven in the shoulder when she stops. She is then handcuffed and taken out of the area.

“Put your hands behind your back,” Smith is heard to say, to which Kitts refuses and says she is “doing nothing wrong”.

According to police, Kitts was released on the same day but is charged with criminal offenses. Additional charges are pending pending investigation into the incident.

The charge of “criminal trespassing” is due to the fact that Kitts refused to leave.

“It is important to note that the woman was not arrested for not wearing a mask. She was asked to leave the premises because she had continuously violated school policy. After she refused to leave the premises, she was told that she had been arrested for a crime. She resisted the arrest that led to the use of force, ”they said.

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A man named Skylar Steward, who identified himself as the father of Kitts’ son, posted a live Facebook video following the incident and said he had filed a complaint against the officer involved for excessive use of force.

“The big bad cop cursed a 100 pound woman with one hand cuffed. To say that I am p ** sed is an understatement, ”he wrote.

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