Madonna Reportedly Refused To Work With David Guetta As a result of He’s A Scorpio

According to David Guetta, Madonna didn’t want to work with him for a very specific reason, Just Jared reported today. The DJ recently made a YouTube video with McFly and Carlito of having dinner at the time he met Madonna.

The famous producer and DJ claimed he made a remix for the legendary performing artist a long time ago, but she refused to record with him because of his astrological sign. Ironically, in 2009 David actually received a Grammy for Madonna’s song “Revolver”.

David won the award for the best remix of a non-classical recording. David said on the YouTube video that she called after getting wind of the remix and asked him to produce her next record.

When David and Madonna met and had lunch together, talking about music, life and everything else there was to talk about, his astrological sign came and Madonna immediately changed her mind. David said she asked him what his sign was and he told her “Scorpio” and then it was over.

David claims Madonna immediately told him it was a pleasure to work with, but she had to say goodbye. Of course, Madonna has made the headlines for the past year and a half for other interesting reasons.

In the latest news, the pop star tagged her Instagram post because it was related to COVID-19. IG blocked one of their videos for addressing a conspiracy theory regarding the coronavirus and a possible cure.

A cure has been around for months, the 61-year-old says, but the United States government will not allow its distribution. The singer-songwriter said the purpose of getting it out of the hands of the public is to widen the gap between rich and poor.


As previously reported, Madonna has a video from Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Texan doctor whose videos have already been banned from various social sharing sites. The doctor has claimed in the past that 350 people have been treated with hydroxychloroquine and it does the job well.

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