MLB star dubbed ‘f*cking LUNATIC’ in offended backlash after returning to have a good time World Collection win regardless of optimistic Covid check — RT Sport Information

Los Angeles Dodgers star Justin Turner was rated “overly selfish” after he was removed from the World Series competition for testing positive for Covid-19 – and then returned to the celebrations.

Dodger’s baseman Turner was pulled out of Game 6 of the World Series when officials were informed he had tested positive for coronavirus, pushing the star out of the win, which netted a 4-2 win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Fans were amazed when the 35-year-old was seen back on the field in ecstatic scenes in Arlington surrounded by teammates, hugging members of the team, casually removing his protective face mask and kissing a woman while indoors basked glory of the Dodgers’ triumph.

“Thank you everyone who got in touch,” Turner said to his followers of nearly 238,000 on Twitter, writing in backlash against a decision that appeared to be in direct violation of the guidelines.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch! I feel great, no symptoms at all. Just experienced every emotion you can imagine. I can’t believe I couldn’t be out there to party with my boys! So proud of this team and incredibly happy for the city of LA # WorldSeriesChamps

– Justin Turner (@ redturn2) October 28, 2020

Please stop exposing other people to a deadly virus! They may feel good, but they may not be so lucky.

– Debbie Harrison (@ DebbieH4Joe) October 28, 2020

“I feel great, no symptoms at all. I’ve just experienced every emotion you can think of.”

Then he confused the audience who had seen him on TV at the center of the ceremony by claiming, “I can’t believe I couldn’t be out there to party with my boys.

“So proud of this team and incredibly happy for the city of LA.”

Um, you were out there with the team and families and even took off your mask. Please explain. Hope you and everyone you unmasked are fine, but you may just have ruined this lifelong Dodger fan’s World Series fun. Seriously, please explain yourself.

– Mike Kelly (@MSidKelly) October 28, 2020

Right, it’s just the third leading cause of death in 2020 with 250,000 deaths and an increase if we speak for no reason

– Devin (@devinkoneill) October 28, 2020

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said Turner was taken out in the seventh inning and “immediately isolated to prevent the spread”.

Almost nine million people in the US, where the virus has been cited as the cause of more than 227,000 deaths.

“This guy is more than selfish,” one teacher wrote, responding to a grinning clip from Turner as he tore off his mask and sat with the troop while they posed for photos. “No respect for him.”

You mustn’t party completely crazy !!!!!! You were such a big part of the team man, depressed that you can’t celebrate, but happy that you are world champion!

– J (@wileypepp) October 28, 2020

He has Covid Bro, what don’t you understand

– Jake #RipChadwickBoseman (@ W0lfSzn0) October 28, 2020

So there is a 99.997% chance she will get a moderate flu virus and be fine in a week

– Ryan (@SavnRyansPrvate) October 28, 2020

Another said, “I can’t wait for the rest of the Dodgers to test positive for their selfishness.”

Turner was seen walking proudly across the lawn with the trophy, leading one reviewer to refer to him as a “bloody lunatic.”

Others pointed to the high recovery rate for those infected with the virus, arguing that Turner was eligible to join teammates he already had in the days leading up to the game.

Covid is temporary, a World Series celebration is forever.

– Boise State St 1-0 (@LikeButta) October 28, 2020

I can’t wait for the rest of the Dodgers to test positive for their selfishness.

– Greg Guzik (@gregguzik) October 28, 2020

This guy is more than selfish. No respect for him.

– Martin Joyce (@martinsean) October 28, 2020

“Let the man have his moment with his girl,” one wrote, responding to a screenshot from the live coverage of Turner locking lips with a woman while a caption announced he had the virus.

“He literally only fulfilled his dream after being cast out.”

By mid-October, 91 out of 169,143 out of 21 MLB teams had returned positive test results, with players making up nearly two-thirds of those infected. In a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the low number was attributed to social distancing.

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