New England’s Cam Newton Checks Optimistic, Provides To Tennessee COVID-19 Outbreak – Deadline

New England Patriots star quarterback Cam Newton has tested positive for the coronavirus and is reportedly out for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Newton’s illness has yet to infect other Patriots players, but it puts Sunday’s game at risk as more positive results may appear on the team in the coming days. His illness occurs the same week that at least 16 Tennessee Titans players and employees tested positive. This resulted in the team’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers being postponed this week.

The uncertainty surrounding Newton leaves the ball right in the NFL’s playing field as to whether the Patriots Chiefs game will continue as planned. Unlike other professional sports leagues, the NFL has not resorted to isolating its teams in a “bubble” to prevent infection. Cases have been few to date, but this latest outbreak is throwing red flags on overall strategy.

The patriots made a statement without naming Newton. “The health and safety of our team as well as our opponent have the highest priority,” said the patriots’ statement.

Newton is a key player for the Patriots. The 31-year-old quarterback has led them to a 2-1 record and scored six touchdowns, including four rushings.

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