New York Metropolis indoor eating might be banned beginning Monday, governor says

A health worker in Hollywood, Florida, injects a person for a Pfizer coronavirus vaccine on Sept. 9 during clinical trials. Eva Marie Uzcategui / Bloomberg / Getty Images

“The FDA recently informed Pfizer that they intend to apply for approval for their vaccine,” US Secretary of Health Alex Azar told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Friday.

HHS confirmed to CNN that Azar referred to a tweet posted Friday morning based on a Friday press release by the US Food and Drug Administration that Dr. Stephen Hahn and Dr. Peter Marks, refers.

Azar said “probably in the next few days” as they work to negotiate with Pfizer and get information doctors need to adequately prescribe them, “we should see approval of this first vaccine.”

Azar said they will work with Pfizer to ensure shipping. “So we could see people getting vaccinated on Monday, Tuesday of next week.”

“So it’s very close. It’s really just the last dotting of I and the crossing of T, ”added Azar.

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