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A medical worker takes a nasal swab sample from a student at a pop-up testing location in New York on October 8 to test for Covid-19. Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

New York State will apply a “micro-cluster” strategy to combat Covid-19 in the fall months, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced at a press conference on Saturday.

Cuomo acknowledged that the state is likely to see a spike in transmission rates in the coming months as schools reopen and cooler weather drives people indoors. In addition, increased rates across the country will continue to affect New York as many people continued to travel to New York, Cuomo said.

The “micro-cluster” strategy will use enhanced data the state has been able to collect through increased testing and will allow state agencies to combat Covid-19 on a block-by-block level rather than a larger state region. or circular plane.

According to Cuomo, the state has now been able to collect test data that is so specific that it cannot be viewed as it would violate data protection laws. However, the data will allow the state to target Covid-19 clusters to the blocks they came from and therefore enable targeted mitigation and enforcement efforts, he said.

By combating “micro-clusters” at the block level, rather than the larger state or county level, mitigation efforts will have less disruption to other areas with lower transmission rates, Cuomo said.

If a “micro-cluster” is identified, the state will step up testing, mitigation and enforcement of social distancing in these specific areas, Cuomo said, adding that this approach would continue even after a vaccine became available.

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