Nick Saban will coach Alabama’s recreation in opposition to Georgia

In accordance with the fall sport requirements of the SEC Task Force “Return to Activity and Medical Guidance”, a number of guidelines were revised on Monday: “Asymptomatic persons with a positive COVID-19 RT-PCR test are isolated immediately.” This happened around noon on Wednesday, when 68-year-old Saban found out about his positive test and went home immediately. The coach, who has five national championships and two runners-up in his 14 seasons in Alabama, video-called reporters from home that evening to tell reporters that he had been feeling fine the entire time and that he was amazed by the result.

He then tested negative on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning, making another paragraph of the guidelines relevant: “If the second PCR test is negative, the person should receive two (2) additional PCR tests 24 hours apart, which to be administered by PAE. If the individual has three (3) consecutive negative PCR tests and remains asymptomatic, they can be released from isolation and medically released to return to exercise only. “

“Because Coach Saban remained asymptomatic,” said Jimmy Robinson, team doctor in Alabama, “he received PCR tests from the SEC-appointed lab Thursday, Friday, and at 7:00 am today.” Each of these tests were negative and reported to the Birmingham conference office through the SEC’s test provider. These three negative tests met the SEC protocol for a false positive. As a precaution, two additional PCR tests were performed simultaneously on Thursday and Friday and tested by a separate laboratory. These tests were negative too. “

While Alabama and Georgia don’t play annually because they are in separate sections of the conference, they have played five times in the past 12 seasons, with Alabama winning all five, including two SEC championship games (December 2012 and December 2018) and one national championship game of the College Football Playoffs (January 2018). Saban’s extensive tribe of former assistants, which includes Georgia coach Kirby Smart, lost 21-21 to the former boss, all with Saban on the opposing sidelines.

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