Norwegian skiers deny use of bronchial asthma medication is ‘legalized doping’ — RT Sport Information

Norwegian ski stars have responded to claims that asthma medication they use under the Therapeutic Use Exemptions (DTU) can affect their performance, adding that other athletes are not prohibited from taking them as well.

Commenting on statements made by the Russian Cross-Country Skiing Federation, President Elena Vyalbe, that asthma drugs can be labeled as “legalized doping,” the Norwegian ski stars say there is no link between their dominant results and drug use.

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“Norway’s sporting achievements are deeply respected by many, including Russian skiers,” said Olympic champion Ola Vigen Hattestad, who took part in three winter games.

“I am confident that modern skiers know what is behind Norway’s victories. Some critics may have different opinions, but honestly I don’t care, ”he added.

Another Norwegian Olympic champion, Maiken Caspersen Falla, also supported the view that asthma medication has no effect on athletes’ performance. They are officially legalized and can be used by any professional skier who has therapeutic indications to take them.

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“Asthma medications taken by Norwegian skiers are medications that are officially approved for all athletes. Russian skiers can also take them with them, ”she said.

The Norwegian ski team, which has dominated the international scene for decades, was often accused of using asthma medication too often. It was rumored that Norwegian masters consume the drugs (which can improve muscle strength and increase fatigue resistance) without a medical diagnosis.

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