October 15 Donald Trump and Joe Biden city halls

CNN’s Dana Bash said Thursday that President Trump’s refusal to say whether he was tested on the day of the first presidential debate is “nothing to forget”.

“If the president had taken a test on the night of the debate, he would have said I took a test on the night of the debate,” said Bash. “His non-answer was an answer.”

Speaking to Trump’s town hall with NBC, he said he did not remember taking a coronavirus test with former Vice President Joe Biden before the first presidential debate.

“I don’t know, I don’t even remember. I test all the time. I can tell you that. After the debate, like I think for a day or so, I think it was Thursday night, maybe even late Thursday night I got positive.” tested. Then I found out for the first time, “said the president.

Bash cited the testimony of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie about the severity of his coronavirus diagnosis and hospitalization and his request for Americans to take the pandemic seriously.

“The leaders of this country, which means that even though the president didn’t say it, he must stop being so careless about it,” said Bash. “And not to test and endanger the people who are in this room, including his opponent for the presidency, is as carefree and negligent as possible.”

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