October 15 Senate Supreme Court docket affirmation listening to

Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse said while the Trump administration focuses on ending the Affordable Care Act, some of his Republican counterparts are trying to downplay that risk with their voters worried about health care.

During the confirmatory talks of Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett, both Democrats and Republicans tried to gain a better understanding of how she would rule on the ACA. Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham asked her about the doctrine of “severability” or whether the entire law can stand if part of it is found to be unconstitutional.

“All signals from the administration and the big donors behind this process are that they should be a judicial torpedo aimed at people’s health care,” Whitehouse said in an interview on CNN. “At the same time, many Republicans, four of whom are on the Senate Judiciary Committee, are now facing voters who think this is a terrible idea. So you are torn between your party’s politics and what your voters want to hear. ”

Whitehouse, a Democratic member of the judiciary committee, said lawmakers need to look at “some of the accidents” that are going on in the Supreme Court.

“All three of the last three candidates had very significant procedural characteristics in relation to their appointments. This has all the signals of a political takeover, ”said Whitehouse.

“The Republicans have basically compromised the integrity of the court to create a court to rule on their big donor interests. We have to look at that and figure out how to respond, ”he added.

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