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Police are believed to be investigating whether Luis Suarez cheated on his Italian citizenship test while trying to obtain a passport before moving from Barcelona to Serie A champions Juventus.

33-year-old Suarez appeared to be on the verge of signing with the Turin club. However, due to the restrictions on foreign players in the top Italian league, the Uruguayan striker was ordered to pass a citizenship test that included a language test.

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The former Liverpool and Ajax husband was considered eligible to apply for an Italian passport as his wife Sofia Balbi had ties in the country.

Suarez passed the exam, but Juventus pulled the plug out of business, claiming they didn’t have enough time to register him before the Italian deadline.

Suarez is now closely associated with Barca’s La Liga rivals Atletico Madrid, where he would team up with his coach Diego Simeone – someone who Suarez sees as related, at least from a character standpoint.

But there seems to be another resentment developing from Suarez’s Italian citizenship test after claiming he knew some of the questions beforehand.

However, reports are quick to point out that Juventus did not find any fraud when checking with the University of Perugia, which is considered central to an investigation.

“During the investigation, some irregularities emerged in the examination of the Italian certification, which was held on September 17 by Uruguayan soccer player Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz in order to obtain Italian citizenship,” said a statement from Perugia prosecutor’s office.

“The investigation showed that the subjects of the examination had been agreed with the applicant in advance.

“The relative grade was awarded before the examination was carried out, regardless of whether or not a professor’s correspondence course demonstrated a basic knowledge of the Italian language.

“Today the Italian financial police are going ahead to capture the documents in the university offices.

“”[They will] Review the measures outlined above and notify the information assurances for the crimes of professional secret disclosure, misrepresentation by officials in official documents, and others. “

Suarez has been deemed overwhelmed by new manager Ronald Koeman at Camp Nou as the Dutchman tries to oversee Barcelona’s return to La Liga dominance. However, it remains unclear whether the player will receive any kind of sanction if the allegations of fraud prove to be true.

Nonetheless, after an impressive 198 goals in 283 games for the Catalan club, Atletico Madrid appear keen to welcome Suarez to their ranks. He is expected to be the focal point of an Atletico Madrid team that recently sacked Spanish strikers Diego Costa and Alvaro Morata from their ranks.

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