Porsha Williams Tells Followers The Unhappy Story Of Johnathan Worth ⁣

Porsha Williams told fans the sad story of the man who was Johnathan Price. Check out her emotional post below.

‘His name was #JohnathanPrice. In Wolfe City, Texas, he was known as the hometown hero. Motivational speaker, coach, professional athlete and community advocate – he was loved by so many, ”Porsha began her post.

She went on and said, “Yesterday he noticed a man attacked a woman and he intervened. When the police arrived I was told he was holding up his hands and trying to explain what was going on. ⁣Police fired Taser at him, and when his body was shaken by the electric current, they “sensed a threat” and shot him. ⁣RP @shaunking Rest In Peace King 👑🙏🏾💔✊🏾 The fight continues. ‘

One follower commented, “No … no … I wanted this to be a different type of story before clicking on the rest of the caption. My God.’

Someone else said, “Although stories like his … require attention to read so many of them, a person can have symptoms associated with PTSD and anxiety.”

A fan posted the following: ‘Are you kidding me ???? !!! I’m so done with 2020 !!! 2020 needed everything except racism, police brutality and Trump !!! ‘

Someone else posted this message, “I’m just saying he persecuted black women and said how much he loved white women and white people and said the police were never racist towards him. Not to say it was right, just to say, stop protecting your oppressor. ‘

One commenter said: “Imagine you are months from the statement that you have a white family that is your family, your black family has done nothing for you, you are addicted to white women, and you have white cops always treated well and let you go … and then you get killed by white cops 🤔 ‘

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On the other hand, this clip sparked some confused comments from fans and followers.

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