President Trump shouldn’t be discharged Monday

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign this morning underscored their good wishes to the President and First Lady.

Symone Sanders told CNN that the Biden campaign has not heard from the Trump campaign or the White House since the president’s diagnosis, but added that they don’t believe Biden has been exposed.

“We extend our thoughts and prayers to President Trump and the First Lady. We sincerely hope that the president will recover very quickly and that we can see him campaigning soon, ”she said. “No, we haven’t heard of the Trump campaign or the White House to my knowledge, but the reality is that Vice President Biden has not been exposed.”

Sanders reiterated that the campaign had followed protocol throughout the pandemic, including wearing masks.

“We adhere to CDC guidelines, listen to public health experts and take all precautionary measures. Our employees wear masks and social distance themselves everywhere – on airplanes, in cars, inside events, outside of events,” said Sanders. “We wear the masks that protect us.”

In response to the Trump campaign that accused Biden of using masks as a “prop,” assistant campaign manager Kate Bedingfield told ABC, “I think this tells you a lot about how the Trump campaign is doing this Joe Biden believes a president’s words matter, a president’s actions matter. He’s taken this seriously from the start. ”

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