Russian UFC fighter embraces man he reportedly hospitalized in boozy wedding ceremony struggle after apologizing for fracas — RT Sport Information

UFC light heavyweight Gadzhimurad Antigulov has shown up alongside the man he reportedly hospitalized in a drunken blow at a wedding with facial injuries. He put an arm around his shoulder to end the scandal.

The former two-time Absolute Championship Berkut Antigulov was at the center of an ugly confrontation in Russia’s North Caucasus. Footage showed him tossing food to a woman and attacking a man after being repeatedly asked to calm down.

The injured man, known as Rasul, reportedly sustained facial injuries when he was attacked outside the building after an earlier hand-to-hand combat with Antigulov.

A new video posted on Life Dagestan’s Instagram channel appears to have drawn a line under the unsavory incident by showing the couple reconciling with witnesses on both sides.

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Antigulov solemnly stands next to Rasul with one hand on his shoulder, while his alleged former victim puts an arm around his back and appears to smile while showing respect.

The clip garnered nearly 50,000 views in 20 hours, with many viewers warning of the dangers of drinking and even joking that Rasul might sign for the UFC.

The wedding took place in a predominantly Muslim region, and Antigulov is said to have been very drunk.

Antigulov, 33, apologized on his own Instagram account, suggesting that he was willing to pay for Rasul’s treatment after talking to his family.

Gadzhimurad Antigulov, a UFC light heavyweight, sparked a brawl at a wedding in Dagestan after he refused to stop drinking. During alcohol-free celebrations 😎

– Mateusz Magdziarz (@matt_magdziarz), December 4, 2020

“Those I’ve trained with have shared the ring … my friends all know what kind of person I am,” he told his followers of more than 56,000.

“The situation turned out to be ugly. All of Dagestan and the entire sports community were in the wrong light.

“I would like to ask those who follow and comment on this situation to learn from the mistakes of others and to draw the right conclusions from each situation.”

In a four-fight defeat, Antigulov, who went past the first round for the first time in his October loss to Maxim Grishin in Abu Dhabi, asked people not to share the footage because he feared it would split ” People.

“There have been worse situations in each of our lives, but time and patience put everything in its place,” he added. “Peace and Kindness for All.”

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