SAG-AFTRA Board Approves Resolutions Requiring Members To Observe Covid-19 Protocols & Condemns “Misrepresentation” About Well being Plan Modifications

The National Board of SAG-AFTRA today passed resolutions urging members to adhere to the union’s Covid-19 safety protocols and the so-called “misrepresentations” of changes to the SAG-AFTRA health plan that came on January 1st Take effect, “correcting” the latter is aimed at proponents of a class action lawsuit accusing the Plan’s Trustees of making changes to authority that are toughest on senior members – an indictment the Trustees vehemently oppose.

With regard to the coronavirus safety protocols, the board passed a change in its membership rules, which states: “It is the duty of every member to fully comply with the work safety protocols approved by SAG-AFTRA. It is the duty of each member to report to the union any violation of a signatory to a union collective agreement. “And that” an indictment of violation of this rule filed by an ordinary member must be based on … the member’s personal observation of the violation. “It adds that” a union charges are based on an investigation into the facts and circumstances. “

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“The vast majority of SAG-AFTRA members working on set consistently and diligently protect themselves and their companions by following the pandemic protocols set out in the Return to Work Agreement,” said Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of the union who leads the union’s Pandemic Safety and Return to Work initiative. “This new rule makes absolutely clear SAG-AFTRA’s commitment to ensuring that everyone takes safety on set very seriously, including the rules and protocols that are designed to help prevent the spread of Covid.”

With regard to the health plan, the board approved a resolution – on fragile internal party principles – that the union “will take all reasonable steps to ensure that members are not misrepresented” and “condemn those who try to Using the Financial Challenges to the health plan and related changes to create fear or anger to advance personal goals. “

Faced with astonishing deficits, the plan, which is a separate entity from the union itself, has stated: “Without restructuring the health plans, we forecast a deficit of $ 141 million this year and $ 83 million in 2021, and that is by 2024 Health plan is expected to run out of reserves. “

A lawsuit filed by 10 union members, including former SAG president Ed Asner and local Los Angeles vice president David Jolliffe, accused the trustees of making changes to the plan that “discriminated illegally on the basis of age.”

According to the health plan, the lawsuit is “completely unfounded. The Board of Trustees has always taken its responsibility very seriously and consulted with respected and experienced experts in connection with the merger of the health plan and the ongoing development of the plan. The complaint misrepresents the facts and omits essential information about the diligence that preceded the merger decision and the circumstances that led to the recent performance changes. We will vigorously challenge this lawsuit and demonstrate that our actions were fully consistent with our legal responsibilities. “

The plan released a series of seven videos today about the upcoming changes. check them out here.

Earlier this month, the union sent an email to its members in which it introduced “five facts you need to know about changes to the SAG-AFTRA health plan”. Both sides of the debate accuse the other of “misleading” union members about what caused the plan’s problems and the changes they believe are necessary to save it.

“We are increasingly concerned about the deluge of misleading information being shared about our health plan by certain websites and social media accounts,” said Gabrielle Carteris, President of SAG-AFTRA. “As with many scams targeting the elderly, the spread of misinformation puts our most vulnerable members at risk. By directing plan participants to unofficial websites rather than the plan’s official, verified, and accurate website, they are confusing people who need to connect to the plan to ensure that they have appropriately switched to their new coverage. In addition, efforts to minimize the importance of the 80% COBRA reward rebate the plan offers to transition participants are preventing eligible participants from benefiting from this crucial transition program. “

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“Citing several cases where members, including many high-profile artists, were informed of misleading information and allegations regarding changes to the health plan,” the union said in a statement, “many board members from across the country expressed disappointment with the people who lead the misinformation campaign and are outraged by their actions and urge the board to instruct the union to protect their membership by ensuring the changes are correct. “

In a resolution passed by the Board of Directors on the “correctness of the information” about the changes to the plan, it says:

“The upcoming changes to the SAG-AFTRA health plan are very important to the SAG-AFTRA members and the union itself

“Although the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan is an independent organization that is not controlled by SAG-AFTRA, it is important that SAG-AFTRA members have accurate information about these changes

“While a significant amount of misinformation has been disseminated through social media and other forms of communication, some SAG-AFTRA members have left a misunderstanding of the nature and reasons for the changes

“Some have tried to instill fear in these members through brutal and imprecise communication.

“Therefore, the SAG-AFTRA National Board should now resolve that SAG-AFTRA take all appropriate measures to ensure that members are not misled by misrepresentations

“Be it further resolved that SAG-AFTRA condemn those who try to use the financial challenges of the health plan and the changes that come with it to instill fear or anger in order to further personal goals.”

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