Saints, Pelicans proprietor Gayle Benson unhurt after tried automobile theft

The New Orleans Police Department did not identify Benson by name in a statement to the Washington Post, but confirmed that the attempted car theft occurred at around 2:13 p.m. local time on Saturday as a vehicle labeled a white Nissan Titan next to a vehicle with the Benson on it sits inside. Then a subject, described as a black man with facial hair, left the Nissan Titan and got into the victim’s vehicle before the victim ordered the subject out of their vehicle. The subject got out of the victim’s vehicle, got back into the Nissan Titan, and fled the scene. ”

Police had not identified any suspects as of Friday.

Benson sat in the back seat of her car while her driver entered a store near the vehicle, according to

Originally from New Orleans, Benson took control of the Saints and Pelicans after her husband Tom Benson died in 2018. Tom Benson bought the Saints in 1985 and the pelicans in 2012 when they were known as hornets.

In 2015, Tom began a bitter family dispute when he broke off a proposed succession of his sacred property to his daughter and two grandchildren and made Gayle, whom he had been married to since 2004, the sole heiress. His daughter and grandchildren took him to court to claim he was mentally incapable of running his affairs, but he was found competent by the court.

In 2017, an agreement was reached between Tom Benson and his daughter and grandchildren on non-voting shares of the Saints and Pelicans.

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