Savannah Guthrie Saves NBC Information From Complete City Corridor Debacle As She Grills An Irritable Donald Trump — Evaluate – Deadline

As puzzling as it was that NBC News planned its town hall with Donald Trump versus ABC News and Joe Biden, presenter Savannah Guthrie owes it to a much longer hour-long interview than a series of everyday softballs.

Throughout the hour, she asked the president questions about his COVID-19 tests, his retweets of conspiracy theories, and his question of whether he was $ 400 million in debt.

It was a bit of a respite for the network, which had been under pressure for 24 hours to schedule its event as counter-programming, resulting in one of the more bizarre moments in a presidential campaign. Critics called it a giveaway for Trump airtime.

“We want to say from the start: This is not how things should go tonight,” Guthrie said at the beginning, while acknowledging that Biden also ran a town hall on a “different network”.

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Trump seemed angry at times, especially when Guthrie pushed him or made fun of some of his replies. Perhaps the best measure of how hard she was hit was shortly after the town hall closed when Sean Hannity told Fox News that “NBC News fake news did their best to ambush Trump”. “He’s been discussing Savannah Guthrie quite a bit,” said Hannity.

Trump’s campaign even crowed that he had “defeated” Guthrie and sniffed that she was his “opponent of the debate and Joe Biden’s replacement.”

Guthrie’s signature moment came early when she challenged Trump as to why he was retweeted a conspiracy theory about Joe Biden, who was implicated in a conspiracy that killed members of Seal Team Six to cover up the “false” death of Osama bin Laden.

“That was someone’s opinion and that was a retweet. I’ll get it out there and people can decide, “Trump said.

“You’re not like someone’s crazy uncle and you can just retweet anything,” Guthrie said.

That’s quite a contrast to what was going on at ABC, where Joe Biden’s town hall was so tame that a Trump campaign official tweeted mockingly that it felt like “I was watching an episode of Mister Rogers See Neighborhood “. That can be said again: Biden had to explain his position on court packaging; Trump tried to explain why he wouldn’t denounce QAnon.

Guthrie was also not afraid to follow up after the audience asked their questions. That came in handy at moments when a woman raved about Trump, “You’re so handsome when you smile” and then asked a question about cuts to the Dreamer program.

However, Trump’s patterns of repeating unproven facts and misinformation are so quick and angry that even if Guthrie tried to interfere, there is only so much a moderator can do. As much as NBC has faced complaints for its event, its critics can find some consolation in what could have been a town hall debate between the two candidates that, given the event’s limitations, likely would have left Trump unlikely to have been reviewed by the host Format.

But even in a one-on-one conversation with Trump, an interview can only do enough to catch the misinformation and question the “alternative facts”. As much as Guthrie grilled the president, he still managed to get through without answering some basic questions, like whether he had a test on the day of the last debate.

In the end, this was another hour for Trump, who is becoming increasingly ubiquitous on all media platforms as he struggles to gain a foothold in the polls. We’ve seen all of these plays before, so it’s a shame we didn’t get the town hall debate as originally planned.

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