Saweetie Says If Your man Cannot Purchase You A Hermès Birkin Bag & Pay Your Payments, Ship Him “Again To The Streets” (VIDEO)

Saweetie shared a new and fun sketch with her Birkin bags, and she also revealed that Instagram is responsible for her bags.

Where are you, my boy ?! In today’s society, the endless conversation about what a man can or should offer never gets old. Saweetie went one step up on Thursday. The artist made a bold statement about men who gave this coin and a pretty bag to insert.

While she was live during a single release party with Quavo in the background, she said, “If he doesn’t get you a Birkin if he doesn’t pay your bills, throw that back on the road, OH-KAY!”

After making her claim, Quavo shrugged and life ended.

Saweetie says if he can’t buy you a Birkin you don’t need it, sis🗣🤷🏾‍♂️

– The Shadow Room (@TheShadeRoomEnt) October 23, 2020

Many can argue that it’s easy for them to tell because their rapper boyfriend Quavo obviously has the coins for it. You know, he bought her a Birkin for her birthday. In fact, he blessed her with two.

Saweetie loves the coveted Birkin bag so much that she even has an official IG account – Birkin Bag Bratz – for her collection. She’s there doing skits and everything, roomies.

Puppy! Are you giving your husband back to the streets?

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