Second English area strikes to highest Covid-19 alert degree after case surge

A person will be tested for Covid-19 on October 15 in Lille, France. Michel Spingler / AP

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Johns Hopkins University (JHU), the increase in new Covid 19 cases in Europe is much higher than in the USA.

The increase in the five worst-hit European countries was nearly 42% higher than the increase in the US in the week of October 6-13, according to the JHU’s seven-day moving average for new cases.

On October 13th, that daily average in the US was 49,542. In the five most affected European countries – France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain and the Netherlands – the total daily average of new cases on the same day was 70,158.

The population of the five European countries is 343 million while the US population is 331 million.

Europe is in the midst of a second wave of Covid-19 that has rapidly spread across the continent.

In Poland, Belgium and the Czech Republic, Covid-19 infections have increased sharply in recent weeks. Poland reported 8,099 new cases on Thursday – a 24% increase from the previous day, a record in itself.

In France and the Netherlands, the number of new cases also increased dramatically this month.

However, the situation in the USA remains critical. The country’s moving average of cases has risen again after falling from a high of well over 70,000 in July.

The JHU data also shows a rapid decline in new cases registered in India and a notable, if less dramatic, decline in Brazil.

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