‘SNL’ Tackles Police Brutality & Racism, Kate McKinnon Breaks Character, ‘Weekend Replace’ Savages “President & Energetic Bio Weapon” Trump

Comedian Bill Burr set the tone for Saturday Night Live, which he hosted with his polarizing monologue targeting the coronavirus pandemic that broke culture and the month of gay pride with jokes that separated Twitter. The controversial jokes coincided with the cover comedy Burr is known for, and the subject was carried over to two other skits that also dealt with sensitive subjects like racism and police brutality.

In one case, a mob boss, Don Pauly, played by Burr, reunites his gang after spending the last 20 years in prison.

He upsets the conversation over dinner when he complains that “the damn Mexicans control the neighborhood,” against the objection of his companions who describe his qualifications as racist.

“Saturday Night Live” pays homage to Eddie Van Halen

Since Pauly doesn’t seem to understand why his phrasing can be insensitive, a fellow gangster, played by Pete Davidson, tries to explain this.

“We understand your point, Don Polly, but with all due respect, your choice of words may seem a bit to some people, I don’t know … out of date.”

Pauly continues to address “Nicky the Nose” before learning that it is no longer appropriate to use nicknames based on physical appearance and referred to as shame.

Davidson’s character said, “A lot has changed in the last 20 years,” leading Burrs to exclaim Pauly:

“No kidding, this gang isn’t filled with a few gays,” which sparked a chorus of protests.

Take a look at the following sketch, which also touches on topics of diversity (#MafiaSoWhite) and consent:

In another sketch, Burr plays a sports caster on a morning NFL television show who is upset about the Chicago Bears win over Tampa and plays a whole rantade in front of his two visibly angry black co-hosts, played by Kenan Thompson and Ego Nwodim, say you didn’t watch the game because the police shot a black man which sparked protests and riots that you saw instead. Burr’s character is unprepared and doesn’t seem to notice the news. Trying not to look insensitive, he pretends to have been following the story on the news, too, but his statements unravel himself and his preset plans to play a prank on his co-host (Thompson).

Kate McKinnon joined “Weekend Update” as medical expert Dr. Wayne Wenowdis and asked for a second comment after President Donald Trump’s “medical assessment” on Fox News Friday night.

After much amusing back and forth between McKinnon’s Wenowdis and Colin Jost, the co-host of Weekend Update, who played Wenowdis’ last name off, both breaking the character for fits of laughter, McKinnon took this to the next level and addressed the audience .

“I’m sorry, it’s such a crazy time that I started to do this to deal with it. I have lots of wigs and mustaches available and this is a great way to get away. It’s refreshing to play a character … who knows? “, She said. “We don’t know who will win the election. We don’t know when the pandemic will end. We don’t know what will happen to the world, ”she said before returning to character to end the play.

As usual, “Weekend Update” opened with a segment dedicated to Trump. “This week was a week of mental illness awareness and trust me, we are aware,” Jost said of a photo of Trump removing his mask on the White House balcony.

Jost described Trump as “President and active bioweapon”.

He also speculated that Trump may have been in a coma in the hospital, thinking it was 2016 when he woke up demanding Hillary Clinton’s emails and Obama’s arrest, a clue to recent Trump tweets.

Co-anchor Michael Che went dark, likening Trump’s recovery from the virus to “a car accident (if) the only survivor is the drunk driver.” He revealed God’s reaction to Trump’s statement that he had contracted COVID, “a blessing from God,” and explained why the president survived the disease “is not a loss – a loss.”

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