Steam Bans Adult Video games with underage characters

What is confusing is that many games with semi-exploitative materials are still on Steam. For example, the Evenicle game features a hero trying to marry as many women as possible. One of these girls looks very, very young and acts like a child. Even so, it’s still on Steam.

The difference may be that the games banned all feature girls from the school and they are all visual novels (Evenicle is a true RPG by comparison). Valve may feel that the context of girls in school more firmly cement the question of their age, but an area is difficult to step into.

As Valve said earlier, such a move means they have to draw a line that can be debated and debated. Who determines when a character looks too young is controversial, and all of these games simply say their characters are over the age of 18 (each of them do, even if it’s very obvious that they aren’t).

This is one of the times when most people would actually approve of Steam, but it doesn’t make their job easier to monitor what qualifies as acceptable and unacceptable adult content.

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