Steve Youngwood Named CEO Of Sesame Workshop As Jeffrey Dunn To Retire – Deadline

Sesame Workshop appointed Chief Operating Officer Steven Youngwood as its next CEO on Tuesday, effective January 1st. The current Chief Executive Jeff Dunn will assume the new position of Executive Chairman Sesame Workshop.

The nonprofit education and media organization that produces Sesame Street and other shows said the move was part of a leadership change, which included appointing Sherrie Westin as president of the Sesame Workshop. She is currently President of the Sesame Social Impact & Philanthropy Division

Dunn has served as CEO since 2014. He will advise Youngwood, Westin and the Board of Trustees during a six-month transition and will leave the Sesame Workshop on June 30th at the end of the current fiscal year.

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“Jeff was an exceptional CEO and an incredible leader at a critical moment for Sesame Workshop and the world,” he said Jane Hartley, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Under his watch, the organization has grown tremendously, expanded its reach, and fulfilled its mission of helping children everywhere become smarter, stronger, and kinder.

“We are so lucky to have Steve Youngwood and Sherrie Westin as the perfect guides to continue this important work. I look forward to the future and I know that sesame is in good hands, ”she added.

Youngwood, along with his COO role, is too President of Sesame Workshop’s Media & Education Division. Since 2015 he has dramatically expanded the workshop’s media business from a single show producer to a broad-based production company. Through partnerships with PBS, HBO MAX, Apple, CNN, YouTube and others, the workshop currently has the largest and most diverse portfolio of content in its 50-year history, including Sesame Street, Esme & Roy, Elmos Not Too Late Show and Helpsters, Ghostwriters , Mecha Builders, Documentaries and Family Town Hall Specials.

Youngwood led the workshop’s expansion into schools with McGraw Hill and its digital learning efforts through its recently announced partnership with Homer. He has also fueled the growth of the workshop’s global presence, themed entertainment experiences, brand partnerships and product licensing. His work has enabled the organization to continue on its mission and keep its brand relevant in an increasingly fragmented media universe, as well as providing a strong financial foundation for Sesame’s social impact work around the world.

Westin as head of Sesame’s Social Impact & Philanthropy operation has proven itself over the past six years $ 300 million in grants and donations for the most vulnerable children around the world. She led a partnership with the IRC to launch the largest early childhood intervention in humanitarian history and led the workshop’s efforts to win the MacArthur 100 & Change competition.

In 2017, Westin launched Sesame Street in Communities, the workshop’s domestic initiative designed to provide children with tools to help them overcome traumatic experiences. Westin also oversaw the development of See Amazing in All Children and the creation of Julia, the first autistic muppet on Sesame Street, to address the stigma of autism. Now, under the leadership of Westin, Sesame Workshop is recognized for its humanitarian work around the world.

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