Supreme Courtroom takes Trump border wall case: US Election stay information | US & Canada

An earlier decision said Trump couldn’t use military means to build the Mexican border wall he promised in 2016.

  • The Supreme Court has announced that it will appeal a ruling by the Trump administration that the president has no authority to divert military funds for the wall between the United States and Mexico.
  • Trump is fighting in Arizona on Monday while Joe Biden travels to Pennsylvania.
  • The candidates are preparing for their second and final debate on Thursday.
  • Early voting begins Monday in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, and North Dakota.
  • The US election project shows that more than 28.4 million US voters have already cast ballots, 15 days until the November 3rd election.

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Monday, October 19th:

10:00 ET – Early voting begins in main swing state, Florida

Florida begins early face-to-face voting across much of the state on Monday as the Trump campaign seeks to gain an early advantage that Democrats got on mail-in votes in the main swing state.

With its 29 votes, Florida is vital to both candidates, but is seen as near-essential to Trump, who moved his official residence from New York to his Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago property last year. A loss in Florida would make it almost impossible for Trump to get the 270 electoral votes required to keep the White House over Biden.

About 2.5 million postal ballots have already been cast, according to The Associated Press, with the Democrats returning 1.2 million and the Republicans about 755,000 on Sunday. Unaffiliated voters and third parties make up the rest. The number of mail-in votes is already approaching 2.7 million votes cast in 2016. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the state with around 113,000 votes.

9:30 am ET – Supreme Court hears Trump’s appeal against Border Wall Fund

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal by the Trump administration against an earlier ruling that the president has exceeded his constitutional powers by diverting military funds to pay for his promised wall along the US-Mexico border.

It is about the legitimacy of the president’s decision after Congress refused to use the money he was looking for on the wall to move other funds already provided by lawmakers to other purposes.

Trump’s administration appealed against a June 26 lower court ruling that it was not empowered to move military resources towards the border project because the US Constitution’s so-called appropriation clause gives Congress purely purse power.

9:00 AM ET – Trump Says Biden Will “Listen To Scientists” At Campaign Event

At a rally on Sunday evening in Nevada, Trump told supporters that Biden would “listen to scientists” in his election – a comment that appears to belittle the Democratic challenger.

Trump made the comments warning of further future bans if Biden is elected. Despite a recent spike in hospital stays and cases in some states where public health experts have cited a third wave of the virus, the president has consistently emphasized the need to move faster with reopenings to support the economy.

In stark contrast, Biden has repeatedly made public health a priority, stating that he would support future lockdowns if health advisors found it warranted.

“He’ll listen to the scientists,” Trump said mockingly to the supporters. “If I were to listen to the scientists completely, we would now have a country that is instead in a massive depression – we are like a rocket ship. Look at the numbers. “

President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Carson City, Nevada on Sunday [Lance Iversen/The Associated Press]_______________________________________________________________

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