Tennis No.1 Djokovic continues appeal offensive by speaking Russian to subsequent opponent after sweeping at French Open (VIDEO) — RT Sport Information

Novak Djokovic called the fourth round opponent, Karen Khachanov, on Instagram as his “brother” in the number 13’s native language. He’s helped sweep a French Open court while continuing to try to forget about his US Open shame.

Moscow-born Khachanov was teased by the Serbs after he expressed his delight at making it to the round of 16 of the tournament in Paris and scoring a second win in five attempts against one of the greats of tennis.

World number 16 will be a tough underdog when faced with one of the favorites for the title tomorrow, and the pair have had fun exchanges on Instagram before serious business begins.

“Ok, brother,” wrote Djokovic in Russian after Khachanov celebrated his transition to the second week of play at Roland-Garros.

He tries soooo hard to be personable. He is so wrong that it is unbearable 🤮

– Wawan Peter (@wawanpeter) October 3, 2020

Please guys like me, I’m having so much fun – episode 37366277

– biedrowski 🐾 (@PawelBiedrowski) October 3, 2020

Then he switched to English and asked, “Who are you going to play next?”

The 24-year-old replied jokingly: “How, Djokovic – heard about it?”

Djokovic wasn’t generally popular with his teammates this year. He drew heavy criticism from the likes of outspoken Australian Nick Kyrgios for his doomed Adria Tour events as the coronavirus pandemic spread across Europe, and was interviewed by top stars like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer about his future plans for one apparent outliers to form players union.

He’ll be praying for a far smoother experience against Khachanov than he suffered at last month’s US Open in the round of 16 when he was disqualified from a tournament that was expected to win after hitting a linesman with a Hit the ball.

After the little episode in NY, it’ll be fine again if you get something good.

– Damu K. Bobb (@DamuBobb) October 3, 2020

He is undoubtedly a great player who is likely to surpass tRoger and Rafa’s achievements in the near future, but I don’t think he has the charm that the masses like.

– Anthony  (@ travelology87) October 4, 2020

Lame attempt to rehabilitate his image after his failure at the US Open.

– MNRiverRat (@rat_mn) October 3, 2020

On his first Grand Slam since his nefarious exit in New York, Djokovic wanted to show his carefree side for the cameras as he helped the ground staff sweep the clay court in weather conditions that were often difficult for organizers and players.

Djokovic mimicked sweeping his racket across the surface before gleefully accepting a broom offered by one of the staff nearby in an incident that was picked up on the tournament’s official Twitter account.

“‘Please, guys like me – I’m having so much fun, episode 3.7366277′”, claimed a cynic, Djokovic pleaded with his charm offensive.

Another said: “He’s undoubtedly a great player, [and will] likely to surpass Roger and Rafa’s achievements in the near future.

Not a huge Djokovic fan but gained a lot of respect when he abandoned the match after his opponent slipped. Good move👍🏻

– MR (@ rauchm28) October 3, 2020

But no mask and no hand disinfectant ……. he has learned nothing !! ??!

– Pekinggail (@sargeant_gail) October 3, 2020

This guy is so ridiculous

– Nuno Caldeira da Silva (@ NunoCaldeira26) October 4, 2020

He is so great. People should remember that

– Lois Marshall (@NCLEXprof) October 3, 2020

“But I don’t think he has the charm to be liked by the masses.”

Contender Khachanov lost his only previous Grand Slam meeting against Djokovic with a defeat in the fourth round at Wimbledon 2018.

He hasn’t won a set in any of his three losses to the 2016 winner, but he beat Djokovic in straight sets on a hard court in Paris two years ago and won 7-5, 6-4 at the ATP Masters.

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