The grownup web site says the Overwatch League is killing its viewers

The Overwatch League got off to an incredibly strong start to the celebrations, and many Blizzard fans went into the event with high hopes and support for their favorite players and leads. But not everyone is hyped, including the popular adult website YouPorn. According to them, the Overwatch League is absolutely destroying its audience.

The popular site shared some interesting details about how hard they were hit by the competitive event. It appears to be a slippery slope as seen in the graphics below. “

The rest of the week saw slumps in traffic:

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While this may be a negative thing for the adult website, it brings fantastic news for Blizzard. The Overwatch League continues to grow in importance in the entertainment world. Over 400,000 spectators report on the first day of the competition. But it’s not all bad news for YouPorn. As Overwatch grows in popularity, so does the searchability of fan-made parodies for adults = more traffic.

Despite the slump, the Overwatch League team has given its encouraging words: “We’re excited to see who will win and be the first Overwatch League champion to receive a trophy and a cool $ 1 million bonus. Of course, we’re also excited to see how you celebrate and will keep an eye on visits to the site before, during and after. “

In other … um, adult news – PlayStation apparently knows how to party hard because PornHub’s 2017 results make the most use of adult console and PS gamers don’t mess around. It was definitely not tough competition for the Sony team, and Nintendo is obviously struggling to come up with those numbers. That being said … they are gaming platforms. Play. For video games. From the variety of games. For more information on this breakdown, please see our previous coverage here.

“The Pornhub development team works tirelessly to ensure that users can enjoy their experience on a wide variety of devices, including visiting Pornhub on game consoles. What could be better than taking a break from gaming to play with yourself?” And you don’t. ” You don’t even have to leave your seat. Xbox’s share of console traffic has decreased 6% since 2016, while Playstation has grown again and now represents 56% of gamers who watch porn. Nintendo’s portable 3DS has seen a sharp increase in market share but still only accounts for 1% of gaming device traffic. “

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