Trying to get traded within the NFL? Be sure you’re logged on to Twitter.

“It’s no secret that I requested a deal,” replied Ross, the ninth overall winner in the 2017 NFL Draft. “Swap me out if you feel like this. I am healthy and happy to play. I know I can be productive. It’s hard to love something if you don’t really participate in it. Believe me, it’s not a football that I don’t like. “

Dunlap, who was a sack below the franchise record for Eddie Edwards at the time of his trade, recently expressed dissatisfaction with his limited role. The 2010 second-round player posted a photo of the Cincinnati depth map on Instagram showing the two-time pro bowler was downgraded to third string. The Bengals reportedly called on Dunlap to stay at home ahead of the 37-34 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Shortly after the game, he put his house up for sale on Twitter. This tweet was deleted, but a screenshot of it remains on Dunlap’s Instagram account.

“6000 square meters of city view with a huge balcony,” wrote Dunlap. “4 bedrooms. 4.5 bathrooms. For sale in one of the best school districts. Do your market analysis and make me an offer. Serious inquiries only with proof of money! The owner is ready to sell furnished or unfurnished! “

Ross and Dunlap’s resourceful public attempts to quit a team that have won only four of their last 31 games aren’t even the players’ most blatant efforts to escape the game for an oppressed organization.

Other NFL stars have used social media to get rid of their contracts. Antonio Brown filed a trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers in February 2019 and was sold to the Oakland Raiders in March. Six months after his takeover, he urged the Raiders to release me via Instagram after breaking up with a team he didn’t do regular season shoots for. The team gave in, and he ended up with the New England Patriots before they finally released him after playing just one game.

Le’Veon Bell, Brown’s Pittsburgh teammate, was a bit more subtle when he tried to end his 19-month tenure with the New York Jets this month, but the message was just as effective.

Bell liked a tweet saying the Jets should trade him, as well as other posts questioning his use in Adam Gase’s misdemeanor. The Jets head coach took an exception to this type of communication to get a point across, but nonetheless gave Bell what he wanted: a way out of New York. The Jets released Bell after just 17 games with the franchise.

“I hate that this is the way we’re going with all of this instead of just talking to me about it,” said Gase. “But it seems like the boys want to do it these days.”

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