TSR Reactionz: Twitter Is Going Loopy Over A Tweet That Predicted Donald Trump’s COVID-19 An infection-Many Reference “October Shock”

Donald Trump threatens to use the U.S. military to put an end to violent protests across the country following the death of George Floyd.

The world of Twitter is going crazy right now. While Donnie announced that he and Melania tested positive for # COVID19, a tweet that predicted his infection had gone viral.

In a tweet apparently created as part of a thread on Sept. 18, someone with the handle “JohnCammo,” a conspiracy theorist on previous problematic tweets, mentioned that #Donnie would be infected with COVID-19 as part of the #OctoberSurprise.

The “October Surprise” is basically a planned (sometimes unplanned) event that takes place in October and just before the election in the hope of influencing the outcome.

Angela Rye, Kelly Rowland, and April Ryan are among the few notable people who have given their views on Donnie’s infection. What do you think of the timeline of current events, #Roomies?

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